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Sweet diet through the eyes of the coachSweet diet? What could be more pleasant! Moreover, studies by Daniela Yakubovich from the University of tel Aviv proved that women who receive a piece of cake or a favorite cookie for Breakfast, or even chocolate, lose weight faster than "sufferers" on oatmeal and cottage cheese.

However, fitness professionals do not share the optimism of the Israeli doctor – not all sweet diets are equally useful, and are suitable for those who are actively training. Sometimes a "nice" weight loss system can turn into a real time bomb for your health.

Typical sweet diets

The Most popular sweet diet – weekly chocolate diet. The day allowed to eat one of gold tiles of dark chocolate, drink as many coffee with a small amount of skim milk, and add to this "set" mineral water without limitation.

Second option – weekly candy diet. The daily diet consists of 100 g of any candy caramel and tea or coffee without restriction. The authors of the diet also recommend drinking purified non-carbonated water.

Third option – system minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova. Strictly speaking, this plan is not a sweet diet, but "close in spirit" the discovery made by D. Yakubovich. Until 12 PM, that is, for Breakfast, you can eat anything you want, including, and sweets that are prohibited on traditional diets. After 12 you should go to a separate power supply, and 6 hours to eat in the last for this day time.

A Fourth option would be diet on sweet tea. You can drink 5-8 cups of tea with three tablespoons of sugar per day, plus an unlimited amount of clean water.

How does a sweet diet affect your fitness results

You doing aerobics? So, it is necessary to adhere to "rules of the gymnast", sitting on a sweet diet. It, who does not know, is to abstain from any food for 3 hours before and after exercise. Simply put, lose weight with a chocolate or caramel – forget about eating for half a day to aerobics really burned fat.

The Mechanism is simple – any sweet dish, getting into the body, almost instantly leads to an increase in blood glucose levels. This substance is the most affordable "fuel" for our body.

  • If you decide to devote an hour to aerobic exercise, your body will consume carbohydrate energy for about 40 minutes, and spend only 20 minutes on fat reserves.
  • This calculation is true only for those who managed for the entire day "to eat" not more than 500 kcal, because large quantities are sure to stock up in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen, which will go "in the furnace" during training.

After glucose and glycogen are used up, you will experience "energy failure", weakness, dizziness and a strong feeling of hunger. In this way, the body reacts to sudden jumps in blood sugar levels. That is why among the "sweet" lovers of aerobics the most frequent breakdowns with diets, followed by uncontrolled hyperalimentation.

Strength training – also not the best "accompaniment" for weight loss on sweets. Glucose will be a good energy resource if you eat before training.

But the mechanism of recovery of muscles after the session will be broken – the organism will not be able to "fix" microtrauma of muscle fibers, and muscles will deteriorate. Naturally, the elastic sports body in this case is not necessary to speak – flabbiness is it is a normal condition for muscles receiving insufficient nutrition. Furthermore, due to jumps of sugar level is a possible loss of consciousness after a workout.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Mirimanova's system is quite compatible with training in the gym and aerobics classes. You can eat cookies, and go to "pull iron", and after a workout to eat yogurt with cottage cheese or protein shake. And aerobic activity for the evening shift to use its fat-burning potential most effectively. Choose a diet wisely, and they will only double the effect of your training.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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