Svetlana Bondarchuk showed the perfect figure in a bikini

50-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk doesn't appear on TV often, but regularly posts her photos on Instagram. Here and the other day the celebrity published a beach photo from rest in a bikini which discouraged some admirers.

To unashamedly demonstrate the figure in a swimsuit, Svetlana you have to constantly work on themselves. Socialite is following a diet and attending yoga classes. However, Internet users still found something to complain about in the appearance of the star.

Svetlana Bondarchuk in bikiniphoto Source:

"Swimsuit is cool! And waist somewhere lost", - criticized Svetlana. Subscribers advised socialite to work on this area. However, Svetlana is quite confident, so these comments did not produce the expected effect.

"And who you said, that all need a wasp waist? That in your understanding of ideal proportion? Perhaps it was yours... But we are all different and that's fine! You think very primitive", - answered celebrity.

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Most fans still appreciated the picture and the forms shown on it, saying, that despite the age and the birth of two children, Svetlana looks great. 

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