Sushi and rolls on a diet. Rolls for weight loss: recipe, caloric content

The Japanese diet of sushi and rollsQuite fashionable innovation, which is gaining popularity, is a diet based on sushi and rolls. Sushi diet is designed for those who want to lose weight, while not denying yourself a delicious meal.

Sushi diet: for and against

In the performance-based sushi diet was founded on the assertion that slim waist of Japanese women – it is the merit of seafood and rice to which they Harbor a special love. Rice has cleansing properties, and sea fish saturates the body with the necessary nutrients and elements.

How to cook rolls "Philadelphia"

For their preparations you will require:

  • rice for sushi – 1 handful;
  • salmon – 100 g;
  • sea cabbage – gender leaf;
  • Philadelphia cheese – 80 g.

Philadelphia Rolls are great for diet menus.

Prepare the rolls as follows:

  1. Half sheet of seaweed set at Macy's or a regular Mat covered in plastic wrap.
  2. Soaked in acidified water with your hands, take a portion of Fig.
  3. Spread the rice evenly over the hole, leaving about 1 cm clean on one side, on the other – protruding over the edge.
  4. Cover the rice with poppy seeds and turn over. Rice will be at the bottom and the cabbage on the outside.
  5. in the Middle of the nori place a spoonful of cream cheese.
  6. With makise twist the roll to the exposed edge of the rice combined with the fact that on the nori.
  7. Fix the round section.
  8. cut the Fish as thin as possible into long strips.
  9. Put them in front of the roll.
  10. Use makisa to wrap the roll with salmon pieces.
  11. Wrap the roll in plastic wrap. This will make the cutting process more convenient.
  12. Cut into 7-9 pieces. Serve with soy sauce.

The Japanese diet of sushi and rolls

Diet on the rolls: a sample diet

In order to navigate in the amount of food that you need for the day, you can use the following sample menu:

  • a large portion of Philadelphia rolls with salmon and cheese is suitable For Breakfast. They contain the necessary fats that promote active metabolism of the body. In addition, such a Breakfast will not break in the evening. The main rule of eating high-calorie rolls with Philadelphia cheese, as well as other types of cheese – they can be used only in the morning.
  • the Ideal lunch will be rolls that contain salmon, eel or tuna meat, as well as avocado.
  • For dinner, prepare yourself or order a seaweed salad or seaweed and a couple of sushi with eel. Salmon – not the best choice for dinner because of its caloric content.

The Japanese diet of sushi and rolls

How many calories are in sushi?

In order to choose the most effective diet on rolls and sushi, it is not necessary to focus only on the caloric content of the dish. No less important factor is the content of nutrients in it.
This means that it is not necessary to eat only cucumber rolls, which contain a minimum of calories. Choose protein-rich and healthy fats rolls with salmon, salmon, chicken, shrimp, Philadelphia cheese in small quantities, with avocado.
Do not base your diet on hot rolls. The presence in sushi and rolls for weight loss of bacon, pork and other products that are not in the classic recipes is also unacceptable.

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