Sun Allergy: symptoms, treatment, pills and ointments for allergies

Summer is a hot time of holidays and leisure at sea. From the scorching sun many get burns, and some (according to statistics, 20% of the world's population) are allergic. As a rule, vacationers do not particularly monitor how much time they spend in the sun. Hence the problems. Is there an Allergy to the sun? How is it manifested? What to do and how to cure this disease? About it – in our article.

Sun Allergy: symptoms

Causes Allergy can be different. Attack can catch you on the beach in a hot country, and in the woods, and in the country. First you may notice redness and flaking of the skin. Then there will be white spots on the face. And in a couple of hours there will be blisters. Swelling, burning, itching, rash on the whole body, fever – all these are the main symptoms of this disease. Look at the photos to see how dangerous the Allergy is.

Example photo with Allergy on breast:

Sun Allergy: symptoms

On the face:

Sun Allergy: symptoms

On the hands of:

Allergy to the sun: treatment of

So, you're fried and notice all of the symptoms. How to cure allergies? Well, in our time there is a huge selection of tools, drugs and drugs for treatment.

Be sure to apply sunscreen all over your body Before going outside. After bathing, do not RUB the skin with a towel, or wipe the cream. Do not sunbathe from 12.00 to 16.00, at this time the sun's rays can harm even a chocolate tan. And people with sensitive skin it is better to lie in the shade under the awning at any time days'.

Sun Allergy: treatment

So, there are superficial skin treatments and medication inside the body. At a burn it is necessary to smear the struck site with ointment and then to cover it with clothes.

As ointments using drugs that contain in its composition zinc, lanolin and methyluracil. They will eliminate burning and itching. From folk remedies will cool your skin and help remove the itch cabbage leaves, potatoes and thin slices of cucumber. Cucumber and potatoes are applied to the affected area in raw form.

Use vitamin preparations with high doses of vitamins B, E and nicotinic acid. There are also anti-inflammatory pills – aspirin, indomethacin and nimesil. Among the antihistamines, you can highlight alertin, cetirizine, suprastin.
If you have a fever, put a cold compress on your forehead. Drink parace tamol. If you are on holiday in Turkey or Egypt, you can ask for help dermatologist. The hotel will send you to him.

Sun Allergy in a child

Allergy to the sun in a child

Children's skin is very soft and light, so they are more prone to burns.
Babies are best to be in the shade under the trees during their stay at sea. Kids with red hair and freckles can burn more. Mom is always in the bag must lie ointment and baby sunscreen. If you notice a child's skin itching, redness, rash on the body, nasal congestion and lacrimation, immediately begin treatment.

How to cure Allergy in baby? When rash and bubbles appear on the body, take the baby into the shade, wash the skin with cold water, give the child tea with lemon and antihistamine.

Fenistil or suprastin will also Help. Lubricate the affected area with panthenol. This is a great tool that quickly heals wounds. You can use other ointments. The main thing that they contain lanolin and maturell. If you notice only mild redness, make baby wraps with infusion of calendula or chamomile.

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