Strawberry diet for weight loss: menu for 3 days and a week, reviews

Strawberry diet, menuUsually any diet is associated with strict restrictions, the inability to treat yourself to anything tasty, eating only healthy food prepared without the addition of salt, sugar or spices. In General, flour. Strawberry diet destroys stereotypes: you eat the most delicious and appetizing berry and lose weight at the same time. The results are amazing: in a week 3 kilograms disappear, in addition the body is cleaned and rejuvenated, increases resistance to all sorts of viruses and bacteria. About good mood and to mention not worth, as it can be bad, when on lunch have you fresh strawberries. Let's look at the diet in more detail.

Strawberry diet Menu for 3 days

A More strict diet includes only berries, but we offer you a menu supplemented with other products. The thing is, the amount of proteins contained in strawberries does not correspond the needs of our body. The main thing during the diet to exclude sweet, flour and fatty foods, there is cottage cheese and yogurt, consume enough liquid. Strawberry diet is not long, usually 3-4 days give a significant result.

1 day
Breakfast: strawberry and Apple fruit salad with low-fat kefir. If you really want sweet – add honey.
Lunch: low-fat fish steamed with fresh cucumber. Fish can be seasoned with lemon juice. Glass strawberries, juice.
Afternoon snack: a glass of strawberries.
Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of kefir, strawberries.

2 day
Breakfast: yogurt or cottage cheese with strawberries (you can grind).
Lunch: boiled chicken, a glass of strawberries, fresh juice.
Afternoon snack: a glass of strawberries with a small piece of rye bread.
Dinner: strawberry salad with cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil.

3 day
Breakfast: toast with strawberries (it can be wiped, the main thing is not to add sugar).
Lunch: fruit salad of melon, strawberry and banana, half a Cup of fresh juice.
Afternoon snack: strawberries with a piece of rye bread.
Dinner: vegetable salad of boiled potatoes, carrots, cabbage; glass strawberries.

4 day (diet can be limit and three days)
Breakfast: hard low-fat cheese (50 gr.), strawberries.
Lunch: boiled fish with lettuce, seasoned with vegetable oil, a glass of strawberries.
Afternoon snack: strawberry and Apple salad.
Dinner: strawberry salad and fresh cabbage, you can add a little oil.
Do not forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, you can drink green tea without the sahara.

Menu strawberry diet for a week

To achieve even more stunning results, try a strawberry diet for a week. As a basis, you can take a four-day menu and add it yourself. When preparing a diet, adhere to the following principles: Breakfast – a glass of strawberries and fermented milk product; lunch – a product with a high protein content (meat, fish, eggs, cheese), vegetables, strawberries; afternoon snack – strawberries (in extreme if you can toast or a piece of rye bread); dinner – dairy products and strawberries or fruit salad. Vegetables should be steamed or boiled, meat – low-fat, the use of salt and sugar is undesirable.

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