Stout Nelly Uvarova stunned fans with his appearance

39-year-old Nelly Uvarova, the star of the series "don't be born beautiful", remembered by all a very slender girl with an incredibly thin waist and a thin face. However, her appearance in the program "the Fate of man" with Boris Korchevnikov led the audience into shock: the actress became very stout and ceased to resemble the serial heroine-trostinochka.

Fans almost unanimously came to the conclusion that obesity does not paint Nelly, and even adds her age. In the comments under the recording of the ether she was advised to lose weight: it is useful for health and for a career.

"a Good actress, but this profession requires victims. Fitness, diet... you Need to pull yourself together and lose weight", - wrote one of Internet users.

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However, among commentators there were true admirers Nelly Uvarova, not giving values her appearance. "What a nice, warm... Without show-off and stardom", "Wise beyond his years", "a Lovely woman and a wonderful actress. It is a pity that now rarely see it on the screen," - say the audience.

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