Stories of readers: how I was able to lose weight and not gain weight

The Principle was derived independently in 2004, when the growth of 164 cm and I weigh 65 kg. was based on the journal "Diet" coming out once a year. I read and mentally applied to myself, my lifestyle (at that time I was active and worked hard) everything described in this diet, the advice of nutritionists, and not once – this process took me 2 weeks. The result was corresponding to all my physiological and working objective factors so-called "diet".

I Repeat: this temporary diet I "invented" just for myself, and suggest to do all, without exception, because what is acceptable to one – another – meal. At first glance, my method may seem familiar to the pain, but in fact, this is my symbiosis of advice from different nutritionists, a single principle that does not claim the proud title of "diet".

How could I lose weight and not gain weight
Significant total time from food in canteens/cafes etc. you need will refuse. I carried my lunch (which was in one small container) and snacks to work, which fit in the pocket of my purse. I had Breakfast and dinner at home. Thus, lunch breaks without increasing the allotted time for it, I PERSONALLY increased by the time I did NOT stand in line in the local dining room/waiting for an order in a cafe/going to the store for food, washing, cutting, etc. And in the free time I walked in the nearest Park.

1. Exclude salt. Generally. The alternative is soy sauce. I had enough to use it only at first, then completely abandoned it – became boring, and accustomed to unsalted food.

2. Nothing from the pan! Food be preparing desirable in steamer (will tastier), but can be and boiled or baked in foil in the oven: chicken breast/fish+vegetables (any, except potatoes). Winter and spring is very good vegetable "freezing", it is now in the stores are many and different. But I "freebie", could not resist before young potatoes and baked it without any foil in the oven until Golden brown, BUT ate it without meat/fish, but with a bunch of greens.

3. Rolls/cakes/cookies, sugar, etc. – have the right to exist, but as, for example, from the point of view of women – men's panties, they are, but we do not need:) If well, very impatient for sweet – OK, I bought a few different fruits, cut on a plate, sprinkled with cinnamon, dipped the pieces in melted in a water bath of bitter chocolate and eaten. A whole plate, not a small one. The happiest person was not at that moment!:) Another option – curd cake (a lot of recipes are on the network, will not be repeated). This "doping" I had for a long time:)

4. Snacks – dried fruits or fruits, nuts.

5. At least 2-3 liters of water per day (! – ordinary water, not soda/tea/coffee).

6. Very nourishing and healthy drink: in a high or wide glass (mug) with a volume of 350-400 ml pour a regular glass of 250 ml of kefir or any fermented milk product, except sweet so-called yogurts – because of their incongruity with the "additive". I like yogurt – it is so cool spoon is:). Additive – any sliced/Nirvana greens. Many. Instead of a snack.

7… And that's all:) Charging I, to my shame, did not do, but the result of weight loss is this fact has not affected.

After the female staff (most of them negodenko)soon noted that I was the "pants look", I realized that on the right track. Later (six months later) I had to almost completely change my summer part of the demi-season wardrobe, because I began to weigh 55 kg (i.e. lost 10).

Next I started doing myself favors in the form and cakes, pastries, etc., but the weight continued to decline gradually. Now I do not gain more than +- 52 kg.

Best of luck! If you have any questions – I will answer all!:)

Author: Maria

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