Stevia sweetener (stevioside): useful properties, application, reviews

Stevia sweetener, steviosideToday stevia-based sweeteners are considered to be one of the safe options. Often they are called useful sweetness, the only hope of those who love sweets and can not give it up under any circumstances.

Stevia or honey grass – widespread medicinal plant (and the sweetest plant on earth). Previously, it was used mainly as a means to equalize blood sugar levels and prevention diabetes's. However, this plant has many other advantages.

Useful properties stevia

Stevia is a natural non-carbohydrate sweetener natures. The most important thing in the useful properties of stevia for slimming – that it allows reduce appetite and get a sweet taste without extra calories.

  • Drinks with stevia tea and even diluted in a ratio of 1 to 1 with water ordinary mineral water are widely used for reducing weight. They are drunk before lunch and dinner or instead of Breakfast in order to reduce the amount of food consumed.
  • You can take sweetener and after eating, however, most nutritionists are advised to withstand a half-hour "pause" at the end of a meal.

Stevia has unique healing properties.

    In Addition to sweet glycosides, stevia includes other useful substances for the body: antioxidants, essential oils, minerals (potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, calcium, sodium), vitamins C, A, E.

Besides the sweetness and balance of stevia's appetite it allows you to prevent inflammatory and colds, strengthen the immune system, help in the treatment of teeth.

    It is Known that stevia tincture rinse mouth, mixing it in a ratio of 1 to 1 with such popular "antiseptics" as a decoction of calendula and horseradish root tincture.

Today nutritionists consider stevia the best sweetener, especially it is recommended for people who are overweight with increasing cholesterol and sugar in bloods.

Application of stevia for weight loss

A Very popular recipe for weight loss: morning fasting drink a Cup of tea Yerba mate with stevia, then 3-4 hours to abstain from food, and for lunch and dinner, eat only organic food, strictly avoiding preservatives and white flour.

Stevia-based Sweetener (stevioside)

From the stevia really does have one drawback. If, having read about honey grass, you are waiting for a clean sweet taste, such as ordinary sugar, you are likely to be disappointed. The product has a pretty strong herbal taste.

Deprived of it by some stevioside – sugar substitute based on stevia. In pharmacies can be to purchase small brown pills stevioside – concentrated extract. When used with hot tea or coffee, most people will not feel any "extra flavors."

Stevioside (persistent. steviosides) is a glycoside of stevia extract.
Stevioside is registered in the food industry as a food additive E960 as a sweetener. It contains almost no calories, while many times sweeter than regular sugar.

In sale there is and loose white powder in the manner of sugar and fructose. Its only difference from other "sweet without sugar" is a more complex process of dissolution in water. So that your tea will have as a thwart.

There is Also liquid stevioside, it can be added to homemade cakes, jam, jelly and low-calorie desserts. Usually the manufacturer writes on the package the ratio of its product "to a spoon of sugar" and, depending on this, you have to determine how much stevioside to use in dishes.

    With a high coefficient of stevia sweetness, the caloric content of stevioside is negligible. Due to the low calorie stevioside is recommended on diets.

Medical studies have shown good results using stevia extract in the treatment obesity.

The Use of stevia of diabetes

In 2006, the world health Organization recognized stevia as safe for humans, and allowed it to use. The who also recognized the stevia extract (stevioside) is useful for those suffering from type II diabetes and hypertension.

There Is evidence that stevia extract increases insulin receptor sensitivity, improves lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. These qualities allow drinks with stevia to be suitable food for diabetics.

If you are using a pharmaceutical stevioside, make sure that no ordinary white sugar has been added to the product or fructose. Be sure to count the bread units, and do not overdo it with sweet. Some doctors argue that even "non-sugar" sugar can negatively affect the insulin profile.

Harm and contraindications

Stevia contains vitamins A, E and C. If you actively take dietary Supplements, Supplement your diet with vitamin and mineral complex for weight loss and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you may have problems with hypervitaminosis. Any skin rashes, "urticaria", peeling of the skin should be a signal to consult a doctor. Perhaps something from your "health list" is superfluous for the body.

Meets and individual intolerance stevia. In addition, the plant is sometimes not recommended to include in the diet of pregnant and lactating.

However, healthy people do not pour and pour stevioside everywhere. Doctors have proved that the body responds to any sweet taste with insulin release. Have healthy a person may well decrease the sensitivity of insulin receptors, if he constantly eats sweet sweet. Stick to the norm – a couple of sweet drinks or one dessert a day, and everything will be fine.

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