Step aerobics

Any physical activity related to fitness or aerobics is always a plus to your health. No one will argue with that. But there is a category of people to whom even simple exercises to music are still contraindicated. Therefore, choosing those or other physical activities, it is necessary to properly assess their health.

For example, the simplest physical exercises are associated with rhythmic dances in one place, which are called step aerobics. What is it? This is a kind of classical aerobics, all exercises of which are carried out on a special pedestal made in the form of a platform. The height of this device varies in the range of 15-30 cm. The higher the pedestal, the higher the load on the body. So a tip for those who are just starting to do step aerobics – choose a platform with a small height. In fact, all movements are based on the fact that it is necessary to rise to the pedestal and go down from it. These exercises are accompanied by dance elements, you can complicate them using dumbbells, ball, gum and other sports equipment.

But many beginners are concerned – the benefits of aerobics one hundred percent or there is this complex and disadvantages? Such rhythmic movements to the music affect all muscles, especially the lower part of the body (legs, pelvis, hips). In the process of the exercises work all the systems of vital activity of the body under load, so chronic diseases can be an obstacle to step aerobics.

So, what is the usefulness of aerobics (fitness).

The Positive side

  1. In the process of ongoing exercises, the athlete gets loads on the cardiovascular system. If classes are held regularly, then the heart muscle increases in volume, increases and the release of blood in one blow of the organ itself, the capillaries are compacted, which has a beneficial effect on the entire system, the pulse becomes even, especially at rest. And, as a result, a decrease in blood pressure to normal.
  2. There is an increased supply of oxygen to the tissues, nutrients are supplied well substances. The last action affects the tissues between the joints, which are quickly restored. The level of hemoglobin and red blood cells increases, which means that the volume of blood increases.
  3. If you use a simple exercise without much exertion, then step aerobics is recommended for those who have had a knee injury. Articular fluid is released more actively in the process of frequent flexion and extension of the knee. But here it is important overdo.
  4. metabolism is Accelerated. I would particularly like to note the allocation of a large number of calcitonine hormone that is responsible for the absorption of calcium.
  5. Like any exercise, step aerobics reduces the layer of subcutaneous fat, keeps the muscles in good shape, increases resistance to muscle fatigue.
  6. Improves circulation to the lungs, their volume increases.

This several criteria that fall into the category of "step aerobics benefit".

Negative sides

  1. Harm from step aerobics to be sure, if you overtrain. Remember – any excessive load will oppress the body as a whole and its parts separately. As a result, insomnia, lack of energy, unwillingness to do something, decreased appetite, etc. Therefore, professionals recommend – if you feel tired, it is better to take a break. Possible reduce classes or make them not daily.
  2. aerobics – it's still a sport, so injuries can't be avoided. Bruises, dislocations, sprains and bruises are a consequence of your inattention. Professionals advise to put the foot on the whole plane, neither on the toe nor on the heel. Definitely need to tight up on the platform, we cannot allow, for example, hanging a sock. Watch carefully the movements of the coach. If you feel tired, slow down, go to step.
  3. Many beginners have pain in the joints of the legs. The main reason is the wrong shoes. Ideal – sneakers with thick soles. Remember, strikes on the platform in the process of the exercise is very vigorous, so that the injured leg will not be easy. If you are engaged in sneakers or ballet shoes, then already at the first lesson you will feel pain in the joints. And if you continue practicing in these shoes, then gradually the pain will move to my knees and spine.

As you can see, step aerobics is not only good, but harm. Therefore, follow our recommendations to help you avoid trouble.

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