Squid dishes, useful properties and recipes

Squid dishes are tasty and healthyFor many of us, squid dishes have become a part of our daily diet and a favorite. This is quite understandable – properly cooked meat of this mollusk has a peculiar, like nothing delicate taste. Seafood fans love it for its sophistication and vegetarians and people who follow a diet believe that the meat of this clam is a great alternative fish.

Squid Dishes: useful properties

Squid – source of huge number of micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins. If you cook a dish out of it correctly, you will be able to save the maximum amount of nutrients. These seafood contain:

  • protein,
  • vitamins C, E, PP, B,
  • iodine,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • copper,
  • taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid.

Taurine, by the way, rids the body of bad cholesterol and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.
Squid dishes are tasty and healthy
Betting on this seafood, you get a daily opportunity to saturate the body with selenium – a trace element that promotes the renewal of the body at the cellular level.
Thus, dishes with squid are many times superior to their useful properties of meat, poultry and fish.

Squid Dishes: a wide range of

If you have not yet practiced self-cooking this delicacy in the world network will be able to find any of your choice of squid dish with photos. So it will be easier for you to cook it and feel the unique taste, which in any case does not resemble the typical taste of sea fish.
All recipes of squid dishes suggest that the meat must first be cooked, and then give further processing. If the carcass of shellfish just cook and peel with seasonings or cook in a slow cooker, you can get dietary dishes from squid.
Squid dishes are tasty and healthy
As for the caloric content, it is worth noting that 100 grams of shellfish meat has only 100 calories, which is much less than even in the dietary chicken fillet. Therefore, squid carcass dishes, first of all, may be of interest to people who want to reduce excess weight.
On the one hand, recipes of dishes with squid are, first of all, the recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, which involves the use of shellfish in salads with herbs and light dressings. Thus, you can get a very tasty, nutritious, but light and low-calorie snack.
On the other hand, hot squid dishes are a typical Asian gastronomy, which involves a huge amount of spicy spices and stewed meat for hours. It offers to eat spicy dishes of squid with rice – it is delicious, does not have a large load on the stomach and is not reflected in the form of extra inches at the waist.
In the kitchens of European countries, second courses of squid can be enjoyed with potatoes or pasta.
So, for example, in Italy you can try squid:

  1. with mussels and shrimp under tomato-garlic sauce with pasta;
  2. with mussels and shrimp with creamy pasta sauce;
  3. in seafood cocktail as filling for pizzas.

Squid dishes are tasty and healthy

Tips for cooking squid dishes

The Most important rule – do not overcook. If the squid will be in boiling water for too long, it will partially lose its useful properties and certainly become less tasty.
Cook for 3 minutes, using a small knife, peel the film from the outside and inside of the carcass, then cut into salad, transfer to the pan and fry in small pieces, stew in sauce or bake.
What is good this seafood – it allows you to include imagination, add ingredients to your taste and pick up any garnish. It will be delicious in any form, such a treat is sure to please you and your guests.

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