Sour cream diet, than useful sour cream for weight loss and health

Sour cream dietSour Cream diet will not only lose weight, but also contribute to the improvement of the digestive system, the removal of excess fluid from the tissues of the body, normalizes metabolism.

Despite the fact that fat intake in this diet great, sour cream diet is considered curative. Nutritionists recommend it to people suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes in combination with the increased weight.

Observe sour cream diet can be 1-2 a day at most. For two days this sour cream unloading two pounds and a half.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to repeat the 2-day sour cream unloading every week for a month (preferably on weekends). Then take a break for a month. Of course, this does not mean that the rest of the days you can overeat.

Daily diet of sour cream diet:

  • 400 gr. sour cream 20-30% fat content eat in five receptions through every 3 hours (on 80 gr.).
  • Drink per day only one or two cups of infusion hips. Drink between meals.

There is sour cream better coffee spoon. So you can feel the saturation, despite that the portion is very small.

Than useful sour cream?
The use of lactic acid products for digestive health known all. Use sour cream:

  • get rid of the feeling of heaviness after eating,
  • will have a positive effect on skin condition,
  • cheer up, sour cream unloading will be useful if your life is a lot of stress.

Sour Cream is rich in vitamins (A, E, group B), and trace elements, especially calcium. Lecithin contained in sour cream is of great importance for prevention of atherosclerosis.
It should be borne in mind that only high-quality natural sour cream is useful.

It is not recommended to sit On a sour cream diet if you lead a physically active lifestyle.
If you have health problems before sitting down on sour cream diet consult your doctor.

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