Soup diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

Vegetable Dishes – an essential attribute of any diet, they are low-calorie and nutritious, easily absorbed by the body. Soup diets are especially suitable for winter, when you want to warm up and eat something hot. However, the ratio nutritionists to soups uneven and this is due to improper preparation.

Soup dietFirst of all, soups based on meat broths are not allowed for diet, as they contain a lot of fat, and their presence is not necessary. If the reference point for the menu is foods calorie table, it can be said that 100 g vegetable soup contains from 100 to 200 kcal. This quite a bit, after all daily value is about 1400 – 1500 kcal. The second common mistake is adding soup bases. They contain so many chemicals that they can easily surpass the benefits of vegetables. If you exclude from the cooking process two these mistakes, the soup will be the most useful and nutritious diet dish. It will help to restore the balance of fluid in the body, safely give all the benefits of vegetables and provide a sense of satiety.

The soup-based diet Menu may look like this:

Day 1: soup and fruit (any, except bananas).
Day 2: soup and any fresh vegetables, a couple of boiled potatoes.
Day 3: soup, vegetables and fruits (potatoes are no longer allowed).
Day 4: soup, vegetables and fruits, two bananas, a glass of milk.
Day 5: soup, 400 g boiled beef (or chicken), fresh tomatoes.
Day 6: soup, 400 g boiled beef (or chicken without skin), leafy vegetables.
Day 7: soup, 200 g of boiled brown rice, fresh juices without sugar, vegetables.

Soup Recipes for diet:

As for the diet, the first 4 days of soup you need to eat three times a day. The last days can be limited to one use.

Agree that this diet is much more diverse than buckwheat diet, and the result will be no less spectacular. At the time of the diet of the diet should be excluded sugar, bread, alcohol, sweet juices and compotes (especially carbonated water). Modern cookbooks offer a wide variety of vegetable soups, so this diet will never get bored and will not seem monotonous. Experiment and enjoy the results.

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