Son of Tatiana Vasilieva went blind after a quick weight loss

People who are overweight want to get rid of it as soon as possible. To do this, they use a grueling diet, during which they lose not only extra pounds, but also their health. In this issue was no exception son of Tatiana Vasilyeva, who dropped 40 kg in just six months.

What happened Philip Vasiliev

After his extreme weight loss actor Philip Vasiliev was blind in one eye. "I sat on a low-calorie diet, lost weight by 40 kg and I think, as a result, there was a hemorrhage and my eye stopped seeing," he said. The actor also noted that a radical change in diet could end much worse - a lethal outcome.

Philip hopes, that will restore vision check. In any case, doctors are doing everything possible for this.

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⚠Two eyes. This is the best number of eyes. Philip Vasiliev went on the mend , just turned to the doctors 67 hospital in Salam Adil Grand mercy, Professor Konstantin Pokrovsky. Vision returned, except for a small black dot in the eye. I close my eyes and the whole world dies; I open my eyes and everything comes alive again. #Sadalsky #intercession #67больница #eyes #philipville #health #getstorage #Starovoit #I see #actor

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At the request of Tatiana Vasilyeva, her friend and colleague on the stage Stas Sadalsky said that Philip had been injected into the blind eye and put in the clinic. And the other day he gave a new message from Vasilyeva: the patient became better.

"Two eyes are the best number of eyes" - Stanislav quotes. He also says that Philip is on the mend. Vision returned except for a small black dot in the eye.

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Previously Sadalsky already voiced concern about son Vasilyeva. He published a photo of a very emaciated Philip, saying that he eats almost nothing. Stanislav also asked his subscribers: "it is Already dangerous, don't you think?".

Many did not believe that Philip really lost so much weight, and began to talk about photoshop. Other users said that all necessary measure!

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