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Chicory: benefit or harm?Soluble chicory can often be found in the kitchen Cabinet supporters of healthy eating. The packaging of this product is full of promises – the drink is able to reduce blood sugar levels, is useful for hypertensive women, pregnant women, children and the elderly, helps the liver to cope with the disposal of fats, and finally suppresses an increased appetite.


Useful properties of chicory
Chicory instant: contraindications to the use of
Harm chicory

However, many supporters of natural medicine believe that a soluble drink, whether chicory or coffee – a source of toxic substances for the body, and the benefits of it a little. Most raw foodists and strict followers systems Bregg, Shelton and Bates strive to to abandon even from a Cup of chicory. Should this drink be considered healthier than coffee? What are actually the benefits and harms of chicory for the body?

Useful properties of chicory

Healing properties of chicory are caused by useful substances in its composition. The source of vitamins, tannins and fiber is the root of the Aster family plant. There is also a salad chicory, it is distinguished by more fleshy roots and stems.

Chicory: benefit or harm?Inulin chicory, what is it
    Chicory is a genus of biennial or perennial grasses of the family Aster, or Asteraceae. This is a useful and fragrant plant, the most popular substitute coffee. Chicory is a real storehouse of useful substances.

Fried chicory root is used To prepare the drink. The soluble concentrate is obtained by extraction – first, a strong "infusion" is brewed from the roasted dry root, and then it is dried in special furnaces-sublimators, obtaining a powder that we purchase in pharmacies or conventional stores.

the Main useful component of chicory – inulin. This substance is a type of fiber, especially useful for intestinal microflora. The notorious bifidobacteria inhabiting the human gastrointestinal tract feed exclusively on fiber.

    If your normal diet consists of semi-finished products, concentrated foods and purchased flour products from white flour, a Cup of another drink from chicory will help prevent dysbacteriosis and constipation.

Should include in your diet is chicory and if you are going to sit for a couple of weeks on a vegetable or fruit diet. Your microflora will get nourished and get used to the "good life", so bloating and diarrhea will bother you less during an emergency weight loss.

In addition to chicory inulin is notable for the fact that it is able to mimic the taste of coffee. Roasted root is bitter and tart, so the infusion of it can replace your favorite drink, if necessary.

    If you found out about pregnancy, doctors strongly recommend considering replacing instant coffee with chicory.

This will reduce the risk of gestosis, heartburn, stomach heaviness, and constipation. Doctors recommend to include chicory in the diet of people with hypertension.

Especially useful drink of diabetes the second type and obesity – inulin is able to reduce glycemic index of products, and, consequently, to relieve the condition of such patients, reduce the craving for sweets. In this case, it is recommended to drink 150 ml of the drink 20 minutes before each meal.

Vitamin and mineral complex of chicory includes vitamins A, E, B 1, B2, B3, C, PP, in addition, root extract is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Accordingly, a Cup of chicory drink will be useful to all those who seek to support not only health but also beauty – most of these substances are responsible for skin tone and speed restoration of collagen fibers.

It is Not surprising that, with such a number of useful properties, chicory has been used successfully for weight loss.

Chicory instant: contraindications to the use of

When Discussing the benefits and harms of soluble chicory, it is impossible not to mention the contraindications that it has.

Contraindications to the use of chicory quite a bit. It should not be combined with antibiotics, it may slightly disrupt the absorption of the drug.

Will Not be useful chicory to those who experiencing vein problems – varicose veins as well as hemorrhoids can only get worse if you abuse this drink.

Chicory is rich in vitamin C and many people are allergic to ascorbic acid. So if you can't eat most citrus and currant causes you rash before you buy soluble chicory for a healthy diet, consult your doctor.

It is Not necessary to consume the drink and spasms respiratory system – bronchial asthma, for example.

Harm of chicory

Very many naturopathic doctors consider chicory, if not harmful, then no less useless than the usual tea or coffee. Most supporters of alternative medicine believe that chicory powder concentrate is a dead product. Indeed, many varieties are enriched with the necessary vitamins artificially, and with the fact that "chemical" vitamins are less digestible than natural is difficult to argue.

The Second claim to the drink is the quantity and quality of inulin contained in it. It is known that only Mature roots of the plant contain up to 75% of this substance, and in our conditions, some manufacturers add cheaper Apple pectin instead of inulin to get the benefit.
Chicory: benefit or harm?
So, to drink has brought you only favor of, buy powder, labeled as a natural chicory extract, and try to avoid artificially enriched, tinted and sweetened versions of the product.

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