Solitaire – a panacea or obvious harm?

Recently, there has been a serious stir around Thai "solitaire" slimming pills. Full ladies of different ages strive to get rid of the hated pair of extra pounds in all possible ways. They're even willing to put a parasite in their gut. The usual worms and tablets containing them ― can they be a panacea for the rounded belly and thighs?

That this: salvation from all woes or irreversible damage to the body?

This question is easiest to answer, referring to the fact that legally these pills can not be purchased. Sale of this type of doubtful "medicines" is prohibited by the legislation of almost all European countries, including Russia. Dissemination occurs exclusively illegally, and this fact is proved by the fact for himself.

What harm Thai drugs for weight loss "specimen" is applied to the body?

  • first, the tapeworm in a human can cause the onset of blindness (if lesion is in the optic nerve).
  • Tapeworm as the worm so erodes the health of the body that hair and nails may start to fall out (note: do not exfoliate or look unkempt, but fall out!).
  • tapeworm , the egg of which you swallow with a pill, can cause liver diseases including cirrhosis.
  • Parasite-a tapeworm can cause a significant weakening of the immune system, the body will literally "open" to various kinds of infections.
  • TSH (toxic shock syndrome).
  • And finally, as a result methods of worms for weight loss can be death: when it penetrates into the brain or other vital tissues.

Thai diet pills. Weight loss with the help of worms.

"Not the worm, that we eat, and the worm, that us eats!"

It is Important to remember that tapeworm is just a way to worsen your overall health, as a result of which you may lose a couple of three pounds, but they, believe, will leave together with your health!

If you still had the temerity to swallow the ill-fated pill by purchasing Thai diet pills, it should be removed as soon as possible!

Solitaire: how to withdraw?

The Oldest folk remedy is the use of a decoction of pumpkin seeds or pumpkin oil on an empty stomach. After that, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of milk.

There are also medicated cure for tapeworms , the so-called de-worming drugs: albendazole, medamin, parental etc.

Thai pills: reviews

Not all Thai pills contain worms or their eggs. On the forums you can find a fairly large number of people who were satisfied with the drug. Young girls write that they were able to get rid of annoying kilograms, the figure returned to normal and nothing else bothers them. Some, however, the pounds come back, and the assurances of the doctors that you need to balance the ration, girls in calculation do not want to take. Especially popular Thai diet pills with pepper.

Worms do for weight loss is regular bingo, where at stake is your life. You will do yourself a favor if you forever designate: worms and weight loss – incompatible!

Worm tapeworm can inflict your health not the relative (as think many), and the most real harm! These "Thai parasites" will be inside "sharpen" your body until it surrender!

Excessive lightness and lack of restrictions ― this is due to the popularity of weight loss with worms. Judging by the reviews, worms for weight loss give their effect: one girl was quite full, and now by her own admission: "she has bones stick." But the tapeworm is the enemy that destroys your body, your health and your body.

Only balanced nutrition, diet and exercise, sport ― reliable allies in the fight with excess kilograms! Worms for weight loss ― a desperate step and the last hope of the ladies with the already running stage of obesity.

If you have 5-8 extra kg, then it is better to walk to work and give up fried potatoes for the night, but in any case not to swallow Freecell for weight loss.

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