Smoothie diet for weight loss, menu, reviews, pros and cons of slimming smoothie

Smoothie diet for weight lossSmoothie diet is a new favorite among those who prefer strict cleansing weight loss plans. Different approaches require to adhere to the diet of fruit and vegetable cocktails from 3 days to 4 weeks, the results, respectively, are also very different.

Smoothies are not just fruit juice puree. This is a real dish – a mixture of fruits, vegetables, small amounts of whole grains and dairy products. So the fear of "slowing down" of metabolism and hidden fasting on this diet is not worth it. Why diet smoothie for weight loss is better than, for example, buckwheat or kefir?

Pros and cons of losing weight on smoothies

The Author of the book "green smoothies Diet", Dr. Robin Openshaw writes that the food fruit and vegetable cocktails allows you to achieve:

  • improving the digestive system;
  • weight loss of 5-8 kg per three-week course without fasting and severe restrictive diets;
  • habits to fractional low-calorie diet;
  • enhance the effectiveness of any subsequent low or medium calorie diet – the body will be ready to digest fruits and vegetables, and adapt to small amounts of food;
  • easier portability than traditional mono-diet products and a variety of options, you can choose any to your liking;
  • develop a useful habit of eating fruits and vegetables;
  • improve health, immunity and overall body tone;
  • getting rid of problems such as acne, eczema, hair loss.

Smoothies allow us to "concentrate" the benefits of our favorite fruits and vegetables without stretching the stomach. It is known that to meet the needs of an adult in vitamins and minerals should eat up to 2, 5-3 kg of vegetables and fruits fresh. This is a huge burden on the digestive system, especially if you do not limit yourself to ordinary food.

Smoothies, especially prepared with the right dietary recipes, help to reduce the amount of servings, but increase the nutritional value of the diet. And a semi-liquid food rich in dietary fiber is recommended chronic constipation.

Disadvantages smoothie diet also has:

  • it is contraindicated "emotional eaters", anorexica, bulimia and other patients eating disorder. For them, a smoothie is a restrictive diet with all the typical psychological consequences and subsequent breakdown.
  • not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers – you can drink smoothies as a replacement for one of the meals, but the transition to "liquid" in full will be too much stress;
  • you should not sit down at her with some diseases of the kidneys, liver and intestines. If you have problems – consult with your doctor doctor;
  • diet almost completely excludes active social life – you can not eat with family, colleagues and friends and attend the holidays with a feast;
  • to conduct a smoothie diet requires a relatively quiet period of life, when you will be self-preparing and drinking cocktails, and do not even think to resort to catering services;
  • independent variations on the theme of smoothies can be quite harmful – in particular, do not sit on buy milk and fruit cocktails or add sugar to the finished product.

Sample menu smoothie diet

The Sample menu varies depending on the duration of the smoothie diet.

If you adhere to three-day detox, and want to lose 1-2 kilograms, you should choose lighter smoothies:

  • Breakfast – citrus fruit, sprouted grain, some greens;
  • snack – any vegetables;
  • lunch – berries, banana, almond or rice milk;
  • afternoon tea – Apple, pear, any berries;
  • dinner – fermented milk product, half banana, bran.

Soak between meals 2-3 hours, in between drink water, give up coffee and tea for a while.

If you choose weekly or two-week option smoothie diet to lose weight by 3-5 kg, should introduce in??????? more dense cocktails:

  • Breakfast – steamed oatmeal, banana, dairy product;
  • snack – greens, any sweet fruit;
  • lunch – any sprouted grain, dairy, berries and sweet fruit;
  • afternoon tea – any vegetables;
  • dinner – nut "milk", any fruits or vegetables.

Monthly or longer periods of weight loss on smoothies in order to lose 7-10 kg should only be carried out under medical supervision. If you are not a vegetarian for more than 3-4 months, the stress for the body will be quite large. Usually doctors recommend the following "trick" – cooking porridge puree, or additives from cottage cheese or yogurt medium fat.

Sample menu

  • Breakfast – 100 g any porridge, 100 g any dairy product, sweet fruit;
  • snack – any milk-fruit smoothie;
  • lunch – vegetables, plus 100-200g of cottage cheese;
  • afternoon snack – fruits and dairy, add a handful of dried fruits;
  • dinner – again, vegetables and cheese, plus 1-2 tablespoons of natural oatmeal.

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