Small appliances as an indispensable assistant to the hostess

Previously, we did not think that in just a few years our kitchens will have a whole Park of small household appliances, making our lives more comfortable, cooking delicious and healthy food instead of us, keeping the maximum of vitamins and nutrients in the products.

In the life of comfort and ease consist of the most completely different things. In addition to peace of mind in the family and good relations with loved ones, financial well-being and other benefits, you can refer to this category and the presence of technical devices that make our lives easier and more convenient. Especially accurately this is realized after the acquisition of any reliable home appliances which really helps and saves our time.

You Can try to remember the days when different appliances were not available for us, and the hostess could only use the mixer, which is incredibly noisy and very warm.

Whole cooking process and the subsequent heating of food took place on the stove. No one then thought that after 10-15 years, such an invention as a microwave oven will take almost the main place in our kitchens. Today by the number of sales LG microwave takes the first place. According to the results of the past year, it was the microwave oven of this manufacturer that turned out to be the most popular.

Popularity is explained simply: the optimal ratio of price and quality with a set of additional functions, including convection and the presence of the grill. Let's "understand" the advantages of one of the models: LG MC – 8483 NL.

This model includes several operating modes: microwave, grill, microwave+grill,
convection, microwaves+convection, grill+convection. Pleasant is the design of the stove, made of stainless steel, as well as a text display with a Russian menu. The built-in functions include a timer for up to 99 minutes, 16 automatic cooking modes, 4 automatic defrosting modes, "preheat" mode, "steamer" mode, built-in clock and a sound timer for up to 99 minutes.

One of dignity, and that "popularizers" microwave model LG.

And it's nice to enjoy the morning coffee, but as still is often too lazy to cook it! In this situation, come to the aid of coffee makers, as much as possible to remove their owners from the process of making coffee.

But what model should stand on your kitchen? And what is better: drip coffee maker, geyser coffee maker or horn type coffee machine?

Here is up to you, as all of the above types of issue in the end as a result, fragrant good coffee, and differ only in technical solutions, in which modern Housewives are not very fond of delving.

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