Slimming with activated carbon: how it happens, reviews

For many years, many people who want to lose weight, resort not only to diet and fitness, but also to various harmless substances that do not contain calories and at the same time, on the assurance of experienced, help to lose weight in the shortest possible time. So, in the 80's and 90's have been known cases of eating...sea sand (!) and oil, which was called "mineral oil" – both pretty strange way to lose weight allegedly gave a real effect. Activated carbon is another product from this "series", the benefits and harms of which we will consider now in this article.


How can I lose weight using activated carbon?
does activated carbon really Help to lose weight?
Activated carbon. Contraindications

Usually this substance is not advertised as a miracle drug that helps to lose only excess pounds, but in a slightly different way: through this drug the human body it begins to be intensively cleaned of toxins, toxins and, at the same time, excess weight. It would seem that just a great way to use periodically the tablets and in a short time throw off the hated kilos! However, in reality, not everything is as simple as in advertising.

How can I lose weight using activated carbon?

Activated charcoal for weight lossActivated charcoal for weight loss: weight loss reviews

And yet, is it possible to use this product for successful weight loss? There are several methods of how this can be done without harm to health. The most famous diet we are right now and consider:

  1. Approximately 14-30 days you need to drink 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight (ie, for example, at a weight of 80 kg you need to take 8 tablets) three times a day. Eat before lunch or dinner. Be sure to drink water.
  2. Alternative method: drink 10 tablets daily in the following order: 2 pieces before any meal when five meals a day. Either way: 3 pieces before Breakfast, same before lunch and 4 units before dinner.

We have Just listed the most popular ways to lose weight with this drug. Usually you need to start small: 1 tablet before each meal and gradually adding daily 1 tablet, increase the dose to 1 piece / 10 kg of body weight.

Activated charcoal for weight lossActivated carbon at weight loss

Also in any articles on the theme of weight loss with activated carbon can be found in the style of urgent recommendations HLS: reduce food consumption, stop eating fried, fatty and sweet and continue to eat coal. But does it really work?

Does activated charcoal really Help you lose weight?

The Essence of any method of weight loss through activated carbon, according to some nutritionists-authors of the method, is that almost all overweight people are directly associated with impaired bowel function. In this regard, the body has a lot of toxins, as well as disturbed defecation and bloating.
Activated charcoal for weight loss

As assure the authors of the "corner" techniques, the advantages of tablets are as follows:

  • Clean the intestines from the various waste products – toxins
  • Absorb gases
  • As a consequence, contribute to the rapid decrease of the weight,

All anything, but...anatomy testifies absolutely to another: it is impossible to inflate intestinal loops thus (and that is important – painlessly!) to have a person's stomach he looked fat. Such a defect of the body speaks only of improper and immoderate nutrition, but not about gases.

Almost all the reviews of people who have taken ever considered in the article pharmacy drug, are reduced to one conclusion: Yes, it is quite possible to reduce the weight, but under the mandatory condition that the portions of food will be small and less caloric, and the "consumption" of calories will, on the contrary, increase.

However, there is also the benefit of activated carbon: if you take it, after drinking a glass of water, 30-40 minutes before eating, this increases the effect of satiety – the brain receives information about saturation, so that the appetite becomes lower. Immediately it should be noted that this method is not quite suitable for those people who often have a snack during the day. But for fans of large portions of food, this approach is the best option: drink tablets with water and be sure to eat in half an hour – otherwise there is a risk that you can eat too much food, because the effect saturation from coal is usually short-term and, especially, tablets do not burn fat.
Activated charcoal for weight loss

Activated carbon. Contraindications

Tablets are contraindicated in the following cases:

  • intestinal Problems, including constipation
  • Ulcer, gastritis
  • Use of oral contraceptives
  • medication Use drugs
  • eating Disorders

You Also need to remember that the pill absorb completely all the substances as harmful and helpful. As a result, we can conclude: the diet with the help of the drug in question is an untested method of reducing excess weight by physicians and is not suitable for every slimming person.

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