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shaping for weight lossAccording to legend, shaping was developed by Soviet physiologists solely for the purpose of wiping the nose of the West. The system was used to shape Soviet models before the miss universe contest. Whatever it was actually, the system turned out to be highly efficient and quite cheap. To date, only in shaping the club get individually selected exercises and nutrition plan for just $ 50 per month. And you will be measured, weighed, and show your future perfect body on the computer. But, let's talk about whether effective shaping for weight loss in more details.

Slimming Shaping: workouts

Shaping workouts are not only for losing weight and reducing the volume. In this system, there is a so-called anabolic mode – to build "missing" roundness in the buttocks, for example. What about the beautiful raised biceps and shoulders? Sure, if you like body professional athletes and you train to be like them, your way lies past the shaping Studio.

The thing is that the purpose of shaping training is to "fit" you to some average image of a beautiful woman or so-called shaping model. If you just want to become slimmer and more feminine – this workout is for you.

The process itself takes place...under the video program. You warm up and consistently perform exercises – quick kicks in different directions, squats, tilts, exercises with light weights. Well, shows the movement of the figure on the screen. The instructor in the shaping Studio only "walks through the rows" and corrects the movements of customers, but does not train himself.

The Advantages of shaping exercises are that they are simple and accessible to a person with any physical training. They will not overwork you – you need to train only twice a week. If we talk about weight loss with shaping, plays a crucial role special power system.

Shaping power

Shaping power – specially designed plan for weight loss. In the first lesson you are measured and weighed, determine the percentage of adipose tissue in the body, and on this basis, make you a diet in a special computer program. In the shaping decided to restrict not only the caloric intake, but and felt protein.

The Power of the shaper is mostly vegetables, fruits and cereals. Cottage cheese, meat and dairy products are limited to one portion per day. And there is animal protein on the day of training is impossible.

4 hours before training and 4 hours after should be excluded and cereals containing vegetable protein – legumes, buckwheat, millet, rice and other groceries. In fact, you can only eat stewed fruits and vegetables. But such strict restrictions on the diet are only on the day of training.

There is a list strictly forbidden foods – white bread, milk chocolates, cakes, cookies, pastries, waffles. That same can be there is from sweet? Exclusively couple of squares dark chocolate or one teaspoon of honey in day.

Individual shaping diet looks like a list of products with a limit in grams. Each month, the client of the shaping club is weighed and measured in order to update the diet. This is the key to success – the diet is always designed so that the body can burn fat.

does it make sense the phenomenon of computer courses home? Numerous videos are not recognized by the Shaping Federation as available and safe benefits. These workouts, in fact, work only in conjunction with the diet and diet on training days.

Therefore, to "simulate" the effect of shaping at home, it is necessary, first of all, to calculate a balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate diet, and only after being taken for video exercise. In addition, the diet for shaping is not suitable for those who perform in addition to this workout strength exercises and leads an active lifestyle. Still, she contains little protein.

However, the shaping is fully copes with its task. As a simple, cost-effective, time-saving system, it has helped millions of women get in shape.

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