Skinny diet: menu, exit, reviews

Skinny dietSkinny diet refers to extreme types of weight loss. Initially, it was invented in Europe for those whose weight exceeded a hundred kilograms. However, it was so popular and simple that many have adopted it as a method of rapid weight loss.

Features skinny diet

This way to lose weight counts on week or two (with way out). Depending on the terms during which you are ready to limit yourself in food, a set of products and the order of their use is selected. The result will be appropriate. During the whole period you can drink mineral water without gas and green tea, as well as certain drinks (milk, kefir, juice - read farther.)

Juices can be grapefruit, Apple, pomegranate or orange. The main thing - the lack of sugar in them. Especially concentrated (eg, pomegranate) can be diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 2.

Lose Weight with this diet due to the low calorie diet. That is why only absolutely healthy people can resort to it.
Attracts this way to lose weight on the following reasons:

  • efficiency;
  • efficiency;
  • simplicity (no need to count calories and cook meals at all);
  • the availability of products.

Skinny diet
However, there are also cons:

  • extreme way to lose weight is not suitable for people with gastrointestinal diseases;
  • hunger will be a constant companion weight loss;
  • to avoid the method is suffering from acute chronic diseases.

But in the end you can lose up to 20 pounds overweight.

Skinny diet for 7 days: menu

Menu weekly fasting specified certain foods that should be distributed on the day:

You Can't drink more than 1 liter juice sugar-free on days when it's on the menu!

  • Monday (1 day) – 1 liter of milk;
  • Tuesday (2 day) – 200 grams cottage cheese, juice;
  • environment (3 day) – mineral water or simply water;
  • Thursday (day 4) – 4 baked potatoes in uniform, juice without sugar;
  • Friday (5 day) – 1 kg apples and water;
  • Saturday (day 6) – 200 grams of lean boiled meat with seasonings (but without salt), juice;
  • Sunday (7 day) – 1 liter kefir and water in unlimited quantities.

It is Important to remember that all the time you can drink as much water and green tea as you want. And the more this volume, the better for weight loss.
Skinny diet
The success of the process depends on how accurate you are follow the instructions. If you have included in the diet of something new, you can not achieve absolutely no effect. However, if all the rules are met, you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight in a week.

Skinny diet

Exit from skinny diets

Almost complete rejection of solid food is a real test for the body, so when the restrictions end, it is important to prepare yourself for a normal diet. For starters include in?????? liquid porridge and soups, and through time - solid food.

However, the original version requires a different output, which lasts a week and will allow you to get rid of the extra 3-4 kg:

  • 8 day – eat what we want ;

Day 8 - ETOLOAKARNANIA reading but be careful - overeating after a week of fasting can harm the body.

  • 9 day – 200 g cottage cheese, juice;
  • 10 day – 200 grams of fish, juice
  • 11 day – 4 baked potatoes in uniform, juice without sugar;
  • 12 day – 1 kg apples and water;
  • 13 day – 200 grams of lean boiled meat with seasonings (but without salt), juice;
  • 14 day – 1 liter kefir and water in unlimited quantities;
  • 15 day – eat what we want;
  • 16 day – 1 kg apples and water;
  • 17 day – 200 grams of lean boiled meat with seasonings (but without salt), juice;
  • 18 day – 1 l kefir and water in unlimited quantities.


Those who have experienced the effect of this way to get rid of inches in the waist, note that the method really works. A two-week trial can deprive you of up to 20 hated kilograms. On the other hand, not everyone is able to endure such tests. The reviews note that "it is difficult to sit it out, and it is better to do it during the holiday: vacation or vacations."

Version of the ABC Diet doesn't recommend this diet, because any extreme measures may cause harm to health. Be careful!

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