Six-petal diet, fitness trainer tips: how to lose weight in 6 days

Diet six petalsthe Diet six petals is a very popular fasting plan. Millions of people start with her long-term weight loss programs, but the diet is not so easy to practice (read more about the diet in the article: Diet 6 petals: the crux of the diets, menu on every day).

Some of the girls in their reviews complain about the lack of energy, terrible feeling, and all the symptoms of ketosis during protein days. Well, vegetable and fruit they turn into an incessant "feast". Naturally, to lose weight in 6 days and not gain weight again is not possible for everyone. Meanwhile, the six-petal diet can be facilitated by simple training, and small lifestyle changes.

How to lose weight on a diet of six petals

Petal 1: fish and a little exercise

On the first day you can eat any fish, boiled or grilled. Eating the gifts of the sea or the nearest river, remember that the excess protein is a heavy burden on the kidneys. Try not to eat more than 800-1000 g of fish per day, otherwise your body will be hard. Add the fish, herbs, lemon juice and a little garlic and salt leave to better times. The day is "aimed" at the withdrawal of excess fluid, so we limit sodium.

May Enhance the effect of a short interval aerobic strength training. If you study at home, put any disk Jillian Michaels is one of those where the coach gives the famous 20-minute workout. This will be enough to speed up metabolic processes, and start a muscle lift. Those who go to the club can attend any interval lesson, or alternate squats, push-UPS, body lifts and pull-UPS on the bar with sprints on the treadmill. Fish – quite a hearty meal, but not to overeat, "refuel" portion of fatty salmon an hour before and half an hour after class.

Petal 2: vegetables and relaxation

In this day can be eat any vegetables, in including and in the form of salads. Vegetables – a source of vitamins and fiber, but to get enough of them, you have to eat quite often. On this day the most unsuccessful that it is possible to imagine – it is power exercises with dumbbells or high-intensity aerobics. Such exercises require protein to restore the muscles, vegetables do not contain it, in the end, the "client" suffers from hunger.

Try to slow down, and sign up for yoga or stretching this day. This will help to get rid of discomfort, and accelerate the recovery processes after yesterday's training. Those who are constantly thinking about more nutritious food than vegetables are recommended long walks away from the food service points. Walking calms and evens out blood sugar levels, which is what it takes to survive a pretty hungry day.

Petal 3: chicken Breasts and strength exercises

Chicken breast is not a gift is a favorite product of most fitness athletes. A good source of complete protein, quickly prepared, combined with almost any spices – stew, boil, bake with herbs, but remember that you should not eat more than 1000g of protein food per day.

On this day you should definitely go to the gym. You've been on a diet for quite some time, try not to use high-intensity workouts. "Classic" – 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each muscle group – what you need today. Drink a lot of water, try not to limit yourself to "capital" 2 liters per day. But with coffee and tea be "you" – protein foods and so brings quite a lot of water, and these drinks are strong diuretics. Dehydration is bad for health, limit yourself to 1 Cup of coffee in the morning or before training.

Petal 4: cereals and aerobics

Cereals contain both protein and carbohydrates, and fats are forbidden to be added to the diet. Try not to eat more than 1 Cup of any boiled cereal at a time. On this day your intestines will work in the strengthened mode, try to help yourself, having executed in the morning a series bodyflex exercises or any other breathing gymnastics. This will speed up digestion and will help the body to purify naturally.

Power exercises in the "muffler" can cause increased appetite. Do better than something simple and positive at the same time. Dance lovers can visit the lessons of Zumba or Hip-hop, if there are no contraindications, go to step-aerobics, and here is spinning and high-intensity running intervals on path postpone until the end of diets.

Petal 5: cottage cheese and gym

Eat only high-quality cottage cheese without sugar and repeat that simple training which was carried out in "chicken" day.

Want novelty? Go to callanetic or Pilates, these lessons, too, is famously tighten muscle.

Petal 6: fruits and rest

Fruit diet days are the most difficult. Sweet fruits can increase your appetite and you will feel some discomfort. This week you did a great job, try to give up physical activity today. Maximum – a walk or a trip to the store for new clothes smaller.

And most importantly – try to be more distracted from thoughts about food, weight loss and diet to achieve results faster.

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