Singer Adele lost 10 pounds after the divorce

In April, popular singer Adele announced her divorce after 7 years of marriage to Simon Koneski. She swore that she would now "enjoy life by spending it all on herself." Apparently, the 31-year-old celebrity kept her promise. It's been a little more than two months, and Adele just do not know. It is significantly transformed, and in his eyes there was fire!

Transfigured Adele

Previously, the star was only occasionally seen on the most important music awards, now she often attends concerts, parties and social events. For example, a photo that struck fans, made after the concert of her favorite band Spice Girls. In a picture you can see that Adele lost a lot of weight.

Adele lost a lot of weightphoto Source:

Previously, the artist "jammed" trouble rolls and fast food. But after the divorce, the cure for depression for her was sports. The singer attends classes on Reformer Pilates (a set of exercises on the simulator-reformer). She also tries to eat right.

Adele's Efforts are not in vain: she has managed to lose 10 kg of excess weight. Fans are sincerely happy the transformation of your favorite singer. After all, before "old" outfits and unsportsmanlike figure, Adele has often been the subject of criticism.

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"it is Not proper for a young woman to let herself go like this" - such comments could often be seen under the photos of Adele. But now even the haters find it difficult to find fault with how a celebrity looks. And whether there will be - Adel, said that this year will be her time for a change!

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