Simple tricks that will help you lose weight without unnecessary suffering

To get rid of excess kilograms, many women sit down on tough diets, engage in gym, make massages and wraps, limit themselves in sweets. However, this is not enough. Research scientists-nutritionists show that for successful weight loss is enough to use 4 simple tricks.


It Turns out that keeping a nutrition diary increases your weight loss efficiency by 10%. The fact is that in a day we can indulge yourself with small snacks that do not consider for a full meal. It can be a piece of chocolate or cheese, apricot or a SIP of Coca-Cola. 

According to research by British psychologist D. Harvey, it is important to see how many calories you actually eat per day. Knowing that each piece you need to write in the food diary, it will be easier to give up such unnecessary snacks. 

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However and here can arise problems:

  • Laziness

Most people are too lazy to keep a food diary, and after 2-3 days they throw it away. In such a short period of time, the result will not be achieved. That is why such slimming argue that keeping a food diary did not help them.

  • Forgetfulness

Sometimes losing weight forget to write small snacks. See: for example, you ate 6 almonds or consumed 39 kcal. Add to this 30 grams of hard cheese (108 kcal), a spoonful of jam to cottage cheese (41 kcal) and one cookie to tea (about 80 kcal). Here you have passed over.

  • No weights for products

Often the weight of the product is determined by eye, and this leads to understated results. So first of all buy yourself a scale and strictly control the amount eaten.

Visualization and motivation

Often people can not clearly define the goal - what they want to get as a result of weight loss. But there can be many reasons:

  • wear fashionable tight clothes;
  • likes the opposite gender;
  • be active in games with children;
  • remove cellulite;
  • improve health and etc.
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Imagine what your waiting for at the end of the weight loss process. Psychologists say that clear visualization helps to accelerate weight loss 8 times! A lot really depends on your thoughts.

Refusal from diets

Calorie Restriction and control help to lose weight. However, if you change one diet to another or limit yourself to a normal diet for a long time, it's time to do break. Research N. Byrne showed that in this case, a two-week break in the diet will help you lose weight 50% more effectively than those who continue to limit themselves in the diet.

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The Fact is that if the food enters the body regularly, it no need to stock up. He was sure that if he's got food in abundance, and it means that tomorrow all will be well. Therefore, it is possible to burn the maximum calories and do not put the excess on the sides.

Add coffee

Treat yourself with a Cup of natural coffee. Only without cream and sweet additives, which are very high in calories. British scientist M. Simons found that drinking a Cup of coffee is equivalent to a moderate workout lasting 30 min

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In our body there are two types of fat – white and brown. The structure and function of these fats are different. What is deposited on the hips and waist is white adipose tissue, the function of which is to make stocks for emergencies. The task of brown fat to ensure the regulation of heat transfer. The peculiarity of coffee is that it converts white fat into brown, contributing to weight loss.

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Agree that the tips are simple. You just need to bring them into your life and continue to adhere to proper nutrition.

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