Simple diet without tension: lose weight by 7 kg per week

You Dream to lose weight, but there is no desire to bother with counting calories and cooking complex dishes?

Then use a simple diet that helps to lose 7 kg in just a week!

Diet Rules

  1. Eat 5 times a day, but in small portions (not more than 200 grams). There should be 3 main meals and 2 snacks.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water 20 minutes before each meal. This will help to dull the appetite and bring the stomach into "combat" readiness.
  3. Completely eliminate sugar, sausage, fast food, semi-finished products, white flour, fatty meat, white rice, fried dishes, butter and margarine.
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  1. reduce the Amount of salt to a minimum, as it retains fluid in the body and contributes to the appearance of edema.
  2. To satisfy your need for sweet, eat fruits and dried fruits, but only in the morning.
  3. drink at least 1.5 liters of water Per day. It is also allowed to drink herbal or green tea without sugar.

List of recommended products

The Basis of the diet should be the following products:

  • starchy vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • dietary meats and fish;
  • cereals;
  • seafood.
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In limited quantities, it is necessary to use products that are sources of useful fatty acids, as they are important for maintaining women's health. These products include avocado, nuts and olive oil.

Sample menu

Option no. 1

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits.

Snack: green Apple.

Lunch: a piece of baked Turkey + squash puree.

Snack: a small handful of nuts.

Dinner: cottage cheese + 2 cucumber.

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Option # 2

Breakfast: kefir, banana and oatmeal smoothies.

Snack: carrot sticks.

Lunch: chicken soup + cabbage salad with olive oil.

Snack: natural yogurt.

Dinner: Turkey meatballs + stewed vegetables.

Option # 3

Breakfast: cottage cheese with dried fruits.

Snack: avocado slices.

Lunch: buckwheat + a piece of fish.

Snack: a glass of kefir with cinnamon.

Dinner: salad from vegetables and shrimp.

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To achieve maximum results, diet it is recommended to combine with physical activity. Even the usual morning exercises will boost your metabolism and accelerate your weight loss!

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