Signs of a dangerous mole: when to sound the alarm?

Oncologists are increasingly found in their practice with a dangerous malignant tumor – melanoma, developing on the site of conventional moles. Often, the disease is detected in the late stage. The reason for this is our lack of awareness of the first signs that can indicate the development of the disease.

What is a mole?

Medical name for birthmarks is nevus. Nevi appear on our skin in a lifetime. This is due to the accumulation of large amounts of melanin pigment in skin cells. The formation of new moles is normal process. Over time, moles increase in size and change their color, but it happens gradually.

What I do not like nevi?

Under the influence of harmful factors, dangerous cells may appear in a healthy mole, after which there is a rebirth of the nevus in melanoma. Why is this happening? The most important dangers for moles – it ultraviolet and damage.

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Enemy #1: ultraviolet

Under the action of ultraviolet rays there is a reflex protective reaction of the skin – the production of large amounts of melanin. Moles increase in size, increasing their number. The accumulation of pigment can be dangerous mutation, leading to serious consequences. In this case, the impact of not only sunlight, but also "artificial" ultraviolet radiation, for example, during a visit Solarium. Remember, "safe" tanning beds does not exist.

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Enemy#2: damage

Great value has chronic nevus injury. Do not panic if you accidentally damaged a mole, for example, while shaving. The danger is moles that are on the site where they are systematically damaged. Most often these are moles in the back and shoulders of women (friction on the bra) and in the chin in men (frequent shaving of hair).

Signs that should alert

From time to time it is necessary to carry out an inspection skin and all moles. There are a number of signs indicating the danger of rebirth of the nevus. If you find one or more of them, you should consult a doctor. For the convenience of remembering these symptoms, there is an abbreviation – "Akord" (in English version – "ABCDE").

A – asymmetry. Suspicious moles are considered to have changed shape within a short period of time.

K – edge (B – border–. It is necessary to consult a doctor if the edge of the nevus has become uneven.

O – coloring (C – color–. An alarming sign is a sharp change in color or the presence of inclusions in the mole.

R – size (D – diameter). It is dangerous to increase the nevus by more than 5 mm in a few months.

D – speaker (E – evolving). The combination of all the above features.

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Ways to solve the problem

If you notice any dangerous signs, you should contact a dermatologist or oncologist for special treatment. researches'. In some cases, a suspicious mole should delete.

Important! Never remove moles from a beautician without a preliminary examination of the doctor, even if you do it for cosmetic purposes. If there are tumor cells in the nevus, they can spread throughout the body.

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Knowing the signs of degeneration of moles can help detect the disease at early stages development. And to prevent malignancy moles should reduce the action of risk factors – to limit the stay in direct sunlight in dangerous hours, to exclude a visit to the Solarium, be careful while shaving. It should also remove nevi in places of constant friction.

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