Seven high-calorie foods

Window.Ya.adfoxCode.create({ ownerId: 275890, containerId: 'adfox_156016666423385727', params: { pp: 'h', ps: 'czdh', p2: 'glak' } }); Many people do not think about how much calorie food they eat. But the most familiar to us foods sometimes contain a record amount of fat! photo Source:
If you want to keep your figure slim, and especially if you decide to lose a few pounds, it is very important to monitor those dishes that appear on your table. Be careful what you eat, and be sure to exclude from the diet of high-calorie foods. In this article, we will tell you which foods to avoid, as they contain the most calories.

№ 1. Oil

Oil is one of the most high-calorie foods in our diet. And this applies to both butter and vegetable oil. Not constitute the exception and olive, and linseed oil. In General, if you want to lose weight, it is better to prepare salads without dressing. In 100 milliliters of ordinary sunflower oil contains about 800 calories, in 100 grams cream smaller – about 650. photo Source:

№ 2. Meat

Many calories contain meat such as pork, beef and lamb. For example, 100 grams of pork contains about 500 calories. Poultry meat, such as chicken or Turkey, will not harm the figure. Exclude also need meat products – sausages, pates, as they contain a lot of fat. photo Source:

№ 3. Nuts

Nuts are very high in calories, and it does not matter which ones: walnuts, Brazilian, cashew, hazelnuts or almonds. Despite the fact that they are very useful and contain a lot of nutrients, you can only eat them three or five a day. In 100 grams hazelnut roughly 600 calories, Brazil nut – about 650. photo Source:

№ 4. Bananas

Bananas contain a lot of calories, this perfectly satisfy hunger. They can be used as a convenient snack, which is easy and simple to take with you in your purse. However, if you value the figure, get involved in this product is not necessary. 100 grams of bananas contain about 350 calories. photo Source:

№ 5. Cheese

Cheese also contains a lot of calories, as it is a very fatty product. In 100 grams of Parmesan about 400 calories, and in 100 grams "Russian" – about 350. photo Source:

№ 6. Chocolate

Chocolate is also a high-calorie product. In 100 grams of dark bitter chocolate contains about 550 calories, and in dairy – about 530. photo Source:

№ 7. Pasta

Pasta is a dish with which you can never lose weight. Any pasta calories, 100 grams contain from 350 to 400 calories. photo Source: These were the most high-calorie foods that we used to eat. They can be found in almost every citizen of our country has a refrigerator. If you decide to keep slim, you need to get rid of them urgently! Share the article with your friends, let them think about how much calorie they are accustomed to food.
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