Series "Fitness body" from Floresan (fitness body), reviews

Fitness body FloresanSeries "Fitness body" (fitness body) Moscow company Floresan (Floresan), perhaps the best-selling cosmetics against cellulite. Today, bright orange jars and tubes can be purchased in most shops selling cosmetics and household chemicals, as well as in some pharmacy chains.

As part of cosmetics – natural ingredients of plant and animal origin, essential oils and chemical compounds. This the products are not completely organic or natural. If all this does not touch you, and you just want to buy inexpensive, but effective anti-cellulite cosmetics, read on.

Scrubs and masks from Floresan

Relatively speaking, scrubs and orange fitness line masks can be divided into "hot" and "cold". As part of the first detected Cayenne pepper, they should be applied to the problem areas in order to improve blood circulation, and achieve a light effect of the sauna. "Cold" masks contain menthol and not only pleasantly refresh in the heat, but also strengthen the vessels, exposing them to a kind of "gymnastics", therefore serve as a prevention of varicose veins.

Masks and scrubs recommended for specialized care, apply 2-3 times a week.

Start procedure with "Hot scrub slimming and anti-cellulite – formula 215". As part of the means red pepper, cinnamon, caffeine and algae extracts. Scrub is applied to wet skin, and massage the problem areas in a circular motion, giving each area at least 2-3 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes!

Then can be done "Mud thermo mask formula 175". This tool is designed to combat cellulite and fat deposits on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The mask is applied under the film, do not forget to wipe thoroughly before using it, otherwise the tool will flow. Over the film is advised to wear a tracksuit, but you can do and the usual Bathrobe, the thermal effect of the mask is significant.

If you are plagued by stretch marks, apply the "Algal-yl floresan gel-elastic, the formula is 172". It can be just RUB into the skin, and remove the remains with a dry cloth or towel after 20-30 minutes. The authors of the program are advised to use the funds in this order, and every day to maintain its beauty with special creams and emulsions

Anti-Cellulite creams and gels "Fitness body"

If you do not have time for massage, use spray-triactive for weight loss "24 hours". This product contains caffeine in combination with nicotinic acid, and very quickly absorbed. By expressed cellulite or significant fat deposits, the manufacturer advises you to apply first spray, RUB it with your hands, a little "dry" and then apply your favorite cream or gel "Floresan".

Creams and gels "Fitness body" are also warming and cooling. The most popular tool – "Cream-active cellulite" – contains algae extracts, caffeine and menthol, and cools the skin. No less cooling effect is different and "Night cream for weight loss."

If you prefer professional massage, or long-term self-massage after shower or bath, you can use "anti-Cellulite massage oil" containing natural essential oils of citrus and Cayenne pepper. This tool is quite difficult to absorb, so it should be used for long-term massage treatments. Floresan also produces a special massage drainage cream for those who do not like oils.

Reviews of the series "Fitness body" from Floresan

Reviews of cosmetics in this series range from enthusiastic to negative. To achieve an impressive effect, you should combine masks and wraps with daily massage with anti-cellulite cream, and diet. Before starting home cosmetic procedures be sure to test the cream on a small skin area for allergies, and remember that in the great cause of anti-cellulite massage winner is not the girl that has the most expensive cream, but the one that executes the procedure regularly.

Some feedback about a series of Fitness-body:

About Floresan Fitness Body fully agree. A jar of 500 ml costs 150 rubles. I was advised by a beautician. They have the salon ladies herds go wraps to to an Egyptian, he takes 1,500 and works on this material. At home when taking a shower scrub massage problem areas and at night elastic gel under the film. Did a day 15 times the effect was like a course of anti-cellulite massage. But I then and weighed 54 kg))

A couple of years ago I used anti-cellulite cream line Floresan Fitness Body, in the evening mixed with orange oil and foot massage 10 min special massager, the effect of a bomb!!! Really, the series is good and very inexpensive.

I tried the gel from the series of Fitness body "Active fat burner". It's really very effective. It is enough to apply it with vigorous movements on the problem areas of the body and if there is a desire or opportunity to wear a belt for weight loss. It pleasantly cools the surface of the skin, thereby improving blood circulation, which contributes to fat burning.

If you just to smear the ass or whatever cream Fitness body, the effect will not be, but who said that it should be just a thick layer applied to the poles? even on the package says: apply massaging movements!
we need to give each zone a minimum of 5-10 minutes, that is, on massage legs, buttocks and tummy will take more than 10 minutes after a shower, and an hour (on each leg 10 minutes = 20 minutes, the abdomen and flanks separately for another 20 minutes, well, booty, 20 + 20 +20 = hour!!!)

Has Bought immediately and scrub, and cream. That would certainly all in order, first with the scrub prepared the skin, and then applied the cream. To be honest, I can not say that there was at least some effect. Any toned silhouette, nor the elastic buttocks and thighs.
Only you can fight the "visible signs" of cellulite. And from the promised instructions cream performs the following: nourishes, moisturizes and tones the skin.

Fitness body Gel cream Active fat burner should be applied daily to problem areas of the skin massaging movements that I and did somewhere in for 10 days. No effect I have not received, although in combination with the gel still used the wrap (to enhance the action of the gel). I must say, the feeling I experienced is not pleasant (the skin is really cooled, not for nothing as part of menthol, but also I felt some tingling and tingling in the field of application). The result was very deplorable – wasted time and money, because I did not see any changes and did not feel.

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