Separate food menu for a week for weight loss

separate food menu for a weekToday, separate diet for weight loss is no longer something new and unknown. On the contrary, almost half of the domestic celebrities claim that, one way or another, used this method for rapid weight correction. And while doctors argue about the benefits or dangers of this option diet for weight loss, and physiologists say that he is guilty the fact that many people after a diet simply can not assimilate traditional dishes, those who want to lose weight choose separate food. How to make a menu without mixing proteins and carbohydrates?


Principles of separate food menu
Menus for the week from Cynthia Sass

Principles of separate food menu

Usually when making a menu for a week, a person balances between dietary dogmas and economic efficiency. Most nutritionists argue that it is easier to sustain a diet for weight loss if you alternate food, get enough vitamins with different vegetables and fruits and generally cook different dishes every day, without repeating more often, than a couple of times a week. In fact, to implement this in practice is quite difficult, because you usually buy a certain set of products for a week and can not constantly alternate "food palette".

the Menu for the week for a separate power supply

You Can use a simple principle when purchasing products and compiling the menu:

  • get 3 different types protein products e.g. chicken Breasts, cod, low-fat beef in the amount you need for a week;
  • complete them with 5 types of vegetables – greens, cabbage, beets, carrots, tomatoes or cucumbers;
  • will in addition buy 2-3 types of fruit: apples, citrus fruits and, for example, pears;
  • purchase 2-3 different cereals for cooking and carbohydrate side dishes to vegetables.

Easy way to make a menu for each day for separate meals like this:

  • at Breakfast you eat porridge with vegetables,
  • for lunch every day you cook different meals or eat a portion of protein product and vegetable salad of any vegetables;
  • for dinner you take pre-boiled chicken breast or fish plus vegetables;
  • and eat a variety of fruits, trying not to "repeat" during day's.

Menu for the week from Cynthia Sass

However, this scheme is not the only possible option. If you can not save on food, use the menu recommended at the time the magazine "Shape-USA" nutritionist Cynthia Sass.

Day 1

Breakfast: oatmeal without sugar, plus mashed kiwi smoothie
Snack: pear
Lunch: 300 g of green salad without dressing, 120 g of white fish
Snack: 30 g of nuts (preferably take almonds and walnuts, not cashews and peanuts)
Dinner: a portion of pasta (40 g pasta in dry form per serving), as many stewed vegetables
During the day, allowed another 1 snack protein product in combination with 1-2 tablespoons of mixed vegetable salad, if you feel hungry

Day 2

Breakfast: 5 egg whites cooked in a dry pan, plus a portion of stewed spinach and olive oil dressing
Snack: 200 g of berries and low-fat Greek yogurt
Lunch: 200-300 ml of broccoli soup, potatoes, green peas, some whole grain bread
Snack: fruits or dried fruits, can be replaced with a portion of vegetable salad
Dinner: 200-300 g meat or fish, stewed vegetables

Day 3

Breakfast: 200 g oatmeal on water, pear
Snack: 30-40 grams of dried apricots
Lunch: sandwich on whole grain bread with vegetables, without protein "inclusions"
Snack: 200-300 ml of smoothies from any combined fruit
Dinner: 200-300 g of poultry stew plus stewed vegetables

Day 4

Breakfast: an Orange, a serving of porridge made from any whole grain
Second Breakfast: a couple of baked apples with cinnamon and honey
Lunch: 100 g of fish, a portion of stewed vegetables, vegetable salad
Snack: cottage cheese, 100-200 gr
Dinner: a portion of beef with stewed vegetables or salad

Day 5

Breakfast: 1 Apple, a portion of cottage cheese
Snack: any fruit or berries, combined between themselves
Lunch: vegetable soup, a portion of pasta with vegetable sauce
Snack: vegetable salad
Dinner: 200-300 g of shrimp, a portion of vegetable salad

Separate food: menu for a week for weight loss

Day 6

Unloading – eat either 5 servings of vegetables or 5 servings of fruits combined with each other

Day 7

Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes, 200-300 g of berries
Snack: yogurt and Apple
Lunch: 200-300 g of meat and stewed vegetables
Snack: a portion of vegetable salad with nuts
Dinner: 200-300 g of fish and vegetables combined with it

However, remember that this menu for the week – an example, and each person should own calculate calorie for weight loss. Ready-made diets are created only to give an overview of this style of food.

Success, ultimately, it depends on how accurately you "get" into the caloric content, and portions can be larger or smaller.

Modify the diet for men will also help online calculator. But if you use the "approximate fit" of the diet, take at least 30-40% more protein and carbohydrate dishes.

This separate meal menu for a week is not an option from Herbert Shelton and lacks the rigor inherent in the theories of this naturopath.

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