Secrets of weight loss from the girl who lost 82 kg of excess weight

Once Kristen Bobo from the US weighed 160 kg. She could not bend down to take something, and constantly choked when climbing the stairs. At her young age, the girl experienced serious pain in her back and knees.

Periodically Kristen tried to lose weight, using "miracle pills" and strict diets, but all this gave only a temporary result. As a result, she changed her approach to weight loss, and for 2 years she lost 82 kg of excess weight. Now Kristen is blogging, which shares the rules of weight loss, tested on yourself!

Choose the right products

Kristen admits that she wants to hit a man who spread the stereotype that you need to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, you just need to choose the right foods and eat well, and not to reduce their portions to a minimum.

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#waybackwednesday It is possible! Two and a half years ago I realized that the only person who could do anything about my weight was myself. I stopped believing in diet pills and stupid 8 minute scam workouts. I changed the way I ate and cluelessly went to the gym everyday.. . I'm not saying it has been easy. It's been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But I have learned so much about myself and I have truly changed as a human. . It doesn't take skill. It doesn't take know how. It just takes dedication. I've tried and failed and tried again. Fate loves the fearless.

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Kristen's diet is based on vegetables, lean meats, seafood, cereals and fruits. Special preference she gives the grapefruit, as it has fat burning properties. Sometimes Kristen cicmil happy, pampering yourself with a piece pizza, cookies or cheesecake. Such a shake is only good for the body.

Observe training mode

If you train only when you are in the mood, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result. Kristen is sure that it is very important to strictly observe the training regime, even if in the morning you got up on the wrong foot.

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One of the things I regret the most is never taking pictures of my legs pre weight loss/during my weight loss. My legs were absolutely massive and have always been my least favorite part of my body. They've also been the slowest part of my body to react to my weight loss. I'm not even exaggerating, my pants have had to be two sizes to large for my waist to accommodate for those tree trunks. But recently I've gotten back into running and I am so happy to say they'RE FINALLY CATCHING UP!!!! ? I'm a happy human today.

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When the class is not in a good mood, you can slightly deviate from the training program and perform your favorite exercises instead of the planned ones. The main thing is to provide physical activity to your body.

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Look for motivation

According to Kristen, the right motivation for weight loss can serve as a kind of crutches that will allow you to go through a difficult area the path to the desired harmony and do not retreat from your goal.

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When I talk to people about starting their journey all of their complaints are about the things that they'll have to give up. But, they don't stop and think about all of the things they'll gain! If you want to change your life then change your life. It's that simple. The "hard part" about weight loss is almost 100% mental. People who say "I just don't know how" are lying to themselves. You either want it or you don't. But trust me, cutting back on some junk food and spending 4% of your day at the gym... SOOO worth all of the life you gain. #instaweightloss #fatlossjourney #journey #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #fitness #weightloss #motivation #weightlossmotivation #instafit # instaworthlossjourney

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When Kristen loses the desire to exercise and eat right, she thought back to the past. This is enough to make her want to keep her body in great shape.

Note! Excellent motivation can serve as photo girls "until" and "after" Grand weight loss.

Rules weight loss from Kristen definitely deserve attention, as have been tested in practice!

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