Secrets of harmony from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a popular Hollywood actress, producer, screenwriter, goodwill Ambassador and a mother of many children. In addition, at the age of 42 she remains the most beautiful and sexy woman of the world according to various publications.

Any supermodel will envy Angelina Jolie's Slender figure: at growth of 169 cm she weighs only 55 kg. How she manages to remain always in shape? Well, a celebrity works hard on himself. Consider her secrets of slimness.

Sports training

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A movie Star does not stop at one sport, preferring diversity. However, most often it is engaged in two opposite in style and intensity training – yoga and kickboxing. She also loves the lunge exercise. This helps her to maintain an excellent shape of the thighs and buttocks'.


In an interview with one of the editions of Jolie admitted that martial arts, particularly kickboxing, allow it to remain strong and sexy. In addition, such training helps to burn a lot of calories, increase endurance and recharge your batteries.


Yoga improves metabolism, thereby accelerating the effect of weight loss. In addition, it makes the body flexible and forms a Royal posture (strengthens and supports back muscles). It is thanks to this Jolie manages to maintain a beautiful silhouette.

Please note! Yoga is also a great way to relax and cheer yourself up.

Exercise attacks

Great buttocks shape actress was able to achieve through hard work. Now it supports them in a tone by means of attacks. Gunnar Peterson, her personal trainer, designed her cross-attacks. Now this exercise is becoming more and more popular. Also Angelina loves to do attacks with dumbbells.


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Angelina Jolie prefers variety is not only in training. At different times she followed a cereal, raw and liquid diet.

Cereal diet

About 4 years ago in the media leaked information about what Jolie had based their menu cereal products. Every morning the actress started with boiled oatmeal and Apple in the evening, at lunch she could eat buckwheat porridge and a handful of almond nuts, and for dinner she allowed herself a piece of lean beef and a glass of red guilt.

Crude diet

Nowadays raw food is a popular Hollywood trend. Numerous publications claim that it was Angelina Jolie who introduced him to fashion. The essence of this method of weight loss is that most products need to be consumed raw. Thus, they retain all the nutrients.

The menu includes a variety of berries, vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs. You can also use oats (enough just steam it and soak with honey).

Liquid diet

The Name of the diet speaks for itself. Its essence lies in the use of products exclusively in liquid form. The diet consists of broths, fruit juices, compote, drinking yogurt and smoothies. Some variants of this diet allow you to include porridge and honey in the menu.

As for Angelina Jolie, she used her own version of the liquid diet, which included a special cocktail from Cayenne pepper. It helped her lose weight before filming salt.

Please note! Doctors warn that too frequent use of these diets is impossible. Without harm to health you can apply them 2-3 times a year.

As you can see, getting closer to the ideal forms, like Angelina Jolie, is not difficult!

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