Secrets of happiness and longevity from 100-year-old yoga teacher

Tao Porchon-Lynch was born August 13, 1918 in Pondicherry, the capital of French India. At the age of 100, she walks in high heels, participates in ballroom dancing competitions along with young people and teaches yoga. The energy and vitality of this woman is a pleasant surprise.

By example Tao proves that age is just a number in the passport. What are its secrets of eternal happiness, longevity, inexhaustible energy and health?

Positive thinking

Tao does not delay things for later and not waste energy thinking about something negative. Immediately after waking up, she says to herself, "This is going to be the best day of my life!". A positive attitude helps Tao to attract good things and leaves no space for feelings.

Interesting fact! This fun grandma has won over 700 ballroom dancing contests with her partner, who is 70 years younger than her!


The Woman is sure that our inner light is on only when we have a passionate desire to learn something new. If a person has no curiosity, he falls into melancholy, he quickly gets bored and he begins to wither.

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Unity with nature

Many just watch the nature (if any at the time), and Tao seeks to establish a connection with nature and to feel a part of it. She likes to dance to the beat of trees swaying in the wind. From this Tao receives a powerful charge of natural energy. 

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Conscious movement

Tao can not long sit still (the only exceptions are the yoga asanas and meditation). The long-lived woman travels, engaged in ballroom dancing, teaches yoga and enjoys everything that gives her a new experience.

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While most of her peers are happy that they can still walk on their own, Tao leads an incredibly rich image lives.

Interesting fact! In may 2012, the self-motivated Tao entered the Guinness Book of records as the oldest yoga teacher.

Lack of response to condemnation

Tao often says to do what you like (if it does not harm others), and not to pay attention to condemnation. Following this principle, the survivor is "inappropriate for her age" bright outfits and heels, and loves "alien ascetic yogam products" - red wine and milk chocolate.

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It Seems that nothing is impossible for this amazing woman. By her own example, she destroys stereotypes about old age. Tao remains optimistic and incredible love for life!

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