Scientists told whether it is possible to drink milk in diabetes and obesity

Doctors are still arguing about the usefulness and feasibility of inclusion in the diet of diabetic cow's milk. However, recent studies by staff at the University of Guelph (Canada) have shown that milk can be an ally in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

How milk helps fight obesity and diabetes

During the study it was found that milk reduces glucose levels and, accordingly, appetite. The more protein in the drink, the more pronounced the result.

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How did you find

32 volunteers were involved In the study. For two weeks, the subjects ate muesli with cow's milk for Breakfast. People who received protein-rich milk had lower glucose levels after Breakfast than those who received water-diluted milk. Respectively, and appetite have first was lower than the second.

Scientists told whether it is possible to drink milk in diabetes and obesityphoto Source:

Is milk a panacea against obesity and diabetes

On the basis this research can be done roughly such a chain reasoning:

  • no excessive appetite;
  • no overeating;
  • no obesity;
  • no diabetes.
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However, this is not quite true as the development of diabetes and obesity - a complex processes that are influenced by many factors. Among them are not only diet but also physical activity, heredity, illness, etc. Generally, there is no one product that was guaranteed protection from a particular disease.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that people who are already sick with diabetes, you can start drinking milk only after prior consultation with your doctor and determine the permissible rate of consumption of the product per day!

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