Scientists: to lose weight, you need to eat eggs

Scientists: to lose weight, you need to eat eggsit Has long been assumed that chicken eggs represent a heavy, high-calorie food and are a source of harmful cholesterol. Recently, scientists from Liverpool University conducted a study that showed that the beloved by many scrambled eggs are not as harmful as we used to think. It turns out that eating a couple of eggs every day is very useful for everyone and does not increase cholesterol in the blood.

For the experiment, researchers recruited 450 volunteers, age of which was approximately 45 years old. The participants were divided into two groups: in the first, people ate low-calorie foods, and in the second, adhering to the same diet, volunteers ate 2-3 eggs daily.

The Results are as follows: both in the first and in the second groups the indicators are almost equal. It is noteworthy that the participants of the second group also decreased cholesterol levels, as well as the representatives of the first group, in connection with which scientists concluded that there is no sense to limit yourself in eating eggs, whether it's chicken or quail.

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