Scientists: there is sweet and not to gain weight – it is real

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Is it possible to consume a large amount of carbohydrates and at the same time keep your figure normal? Scientists from the American University (southern California) believe that it is quite real...but only theoretically. so Far such statement can be called only comic as researchers called two main conditions: first, it is necessary to have a special mutation in genes, and secondly – it is necessary to be...a round worm.
A new study by California geneticists showed that the Nrf2 gene and its derivatives help protect against overweight. Scientists conducted an experiment on roundworms: dividing the animals into 2 groups, in one worm had a mutated gene, the analogue of which in humans is the above-mentioned Nrf2. All worms began to give daily 2 percent more glucose. As a result, the "normal" worms gained a lot of weight, while the second group with the changed gene had the same body weight as before the experiments.
After the experiment, scientists believe that it is possible to open such a mechanism in humans, in principle, but recognize that everything is not so simple: the human gene Nrf2 is directly related to the risk of developing malignant tumors.

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