Scientists have identified additional benefits of low-calorie diet

Scientists have identified additional benefits of low-calorie dietan Interesting conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) after conducting a series of observations and experiments on monkeys: it turns out that if you reduce the caloric content of your daily diet by at least 10 percent, then you can significantly extend your life! Experts from the States for a quarter century studied the behavior and eating habits of monkeys and tried to establish the dependence of aging on the usual food's.
Now scientists boldly declare that the diet, which includes only low-calorie food, helps to reduce the rate of aging, as well as to warn people or animals from premature death. Working with experimental monkeys, researchers excluded some products from their diet, leaving only low-calorie. In another group of primates (the so-called "control"), there were no restrictions on eating. However, the rejection of high calories in the first group went clearly for the benefit of its participants, as in the control group the risk of disease and early death increased by an order of magnitude.

Now American scientists are interested in the development of special drugs that simulate a decrease in the caloric content of products. What it will come out of this, will show further research.

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