Scientists have found out what product helps prevent diabetes

When we start to think about our health, we try to exclude fatty foods from our diet. We also include cheese, so we reduce its consumption. As it turns out, for good reason.

Researchers from the University of Alberta (Canada) concluded that this milk product helps normalize blood sugar levels as insulin resistance decreases. At what this property have cheeses completely different fatnesses.

What is insulin

Insulin is a hormone of the pancreas. Its constant excess can have a negative impact on health. It affects the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the body, weight gain and testosterone. The amount of insulin increases after a meal, especially after one that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. His surge in the use of fats does not occur.

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When released into the blood insulin, the liver and muscles convert sugar into energy. After the sugar decreases, the amount of insulin decreases. If there is insulin resistance, then insulin can be high at low sugar levels. Such a violation causes a lot of health problems. Eating cheese helps prevent these shifts.

Experiment and its results

Scientists accidentally discovered that cheese lovers suffer from heart disease to a lesser extent and vessels'. They are also less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

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Interested in these facts, the researchers put an experiment on rodents. They were divided into three groups and each was given a certain food. In the first group rodents ate lard, in the second – cheese with low fat content, and in the third – cheese with normal fat content. After 8 weeks it turned out that animals, whose diet was based on cheese, began to have a reduced insulin resistance. From which it was concluded that:

  • Cheese does positively control blood sugar.
  • This effect on the body causes cheese of any fat content.
  • insulin is most Likely not affected by fat, but by protein or calcium.
  • Nutrition also changes the level of low-circulating phospholipids, which affect the appearance of diabetes and resistance to insulin.
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In General, the use of cheese is obvious for health. Therefore, do not exclude this product from your diet, but simply adhere to the daily norm, which is about 25 grams. Competent use of this product will bring you health and keep your figure.

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