Scientists have discovered the gene of youth in Galapagos turtles

Scientists first deciphered the genome of Lone George - the last Abingdon elephant turtle, who died a few years ago. In it they found the secret of eternal youth!

As scientists have found the Holy Grail of youth

In the process of studying the genome of Lone George and other giant Galapagos turtles, scientists were able to identify 43 genes that are potentially associated with high life expectancy (up to 250 years). Many of them control glucose metabolism, immune cell activity and repair of damage in DNA molecules.

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the First experiments on human cells showed that "transplantation" of these versions of genes slows down the aging process, and it increases resistance to radiation. It was also noted a decrease in the rate of accumulation of mutations that contribute to the development of cancer.

in Addition to turtles, there is another animal, over which time has no power bats kinds of bats. So a person has every chance to increase life expectancy in the near future.

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