Scientists: From the "wine" diet is of little use

Scientists: From the "wine" diet is of little useSome doctors and researchers claim that one small glass of red wine a day can support the health of almost any person and can even help in rejuvenating the body. But recent studies by an international team of experts from 17 countries question the benefits of the "wine diet".

The Researchers said that in the body of each person there is a special gene that allows you to drink alcohol in large quantities or, on the contrary, prohibits it. Experiments and long-term observations have shown that people with gene "protection" from alcohol, wine consumed respectively in a much smaller amount only a couple of times a year or less. According to the theory of the benefits of grape spirits, they had to be in worse health than the adherents of the "wine" diet. However, it turned out that this is not so – their health to some extent even better than those who use wine daily.

Svetlana Borinskaya, candidate of biological Sciences, who participated in the study, confirms the opinion of scientists: there is no proper optimal dose of wine to maintain human health. However, a glass of wine day reduces the risk of intestinal cancer.

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