Scientists from Florida: a tough diet leads to...alcoholism!

Scientists from Florida: a tough diet leads to...alcoholism!Experts from the University of Florida (USA) as a result of scientific research came to the conclusion that excessive enthusiasm for all kinds of strict diets provokes the risk of alcoholism and other equally dangerous consequences. Similar conclusions were made earlier by other scientists, but researchers from Florida were able to present a more convincing report on their experiment.

Scientists analyzed data taken from medical records of more than 1,300 Americans who were dieting or suffering from alcoholism. For purity of experiment it was necessary to investigate all information on patients for 10 years. The conclusions are that too strict diet can lead a person to drunkenness. In addition, girls who started their "diet" way from an early age are also prone to alcoholism.

However, the researchers admit that alcohol problems can occur not only because of a strict diet, but also because of heredity or the environment. However, experts recommend that people do not adhere to excessively strict diet.

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