Scientists: don't tease little girls with fat!

Obesity has recently been a significant threat to people. Researchers around the world are finding more and more reasons that lead to overweight, and these reasons can be both genetic and behavioral. One of the last is that people at risk are always important opinion and good attitude of others. Scientists from the University of California found out how branding in society affects the future the development of obesity in obese children.

Two University researchers in the study followed 2,300 children, including white and black, for almost 10 years. Many participants admitted that at the age of 8-10 years peers and some adults teased or criticized them for being overweight. As a result, by the age of 20 they gained even more pounds. And girls have a higher risk of obesity.

Scientists note, that this phenomenon stems with moral discomfort, which leads to overeating. In addition, due to the pressure exerted by the surrounding people, cortisol is produced, and it, in turn, also leads to an increase in body weight. Researchers strongly advise against label obese people, and instead it's better to let them feel free.

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