Scientists: "a Diet based on protein foods is useful and effective"

Scientists: "a Diet based on protein foods is useful and effective"Australian research Specialist David Raubenheimer recently prepared a paper which he presented at the Congress of the Society for experimental biology. The report of the scientist contains valuable materials on questions about the protein diet. David says that it is one of the best dietary systems.

Raubenheimer for several years carried out experiments on monkeys, the results of which it was found that a diet rich in protein food is very useful for all representatives of mammals. "The results of the experiments that I conducted on primates, quite apply to people," – says the scientist.

According to David, the diet a person should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but the protein content in the food should be an order of magnitude greater. "The only way to keep the body in shape and prevent the development of obesity," – said the researcher.

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