Scales,fat analyzers exercise control over the composition of the body | For weight loss and health

Weight measurement alone will not provide a whole picture of Your health. In the process of weighing scales are not able to show the difference between the existing kilograms, which include adipose tissue and kilograms of bone and muscle tissue.

Using body composition monitor (outdoor electronic scales), You can observe the full picture. In order for the effect of weight loss to be long and "healthy", it is necessary make sure, that declines not water or healthy muscle mass, namely fat level. If You follow the wrong diet, weight can be reduced by reducing the body weight of water, which later will lead again to weight gain when You start to eat normally.

Ordinary scales Will not show you what you are losing. Only electronic scales-fat analyzers will be able to show this.

As can be seen by observing the composition of the body?

Body composition Monitor has the ability to accurately show a person what is happening in his body, how exactly your body changes in the process of changing daily diet and physical activity.

Thanks monitor floor scales, which monitors the composition of the body, you can:

  • to increase the effectiveness of the diet;
  • exercise control fat level;
  • control the level of fat that surrounds the internal organs;
  • choose effective fitness and sports programs.

The Most important thing, when happening in the body fat reduction in General, and in particular adipose tissue surrounding the internal organs significantly reduces the likelihood of diseases hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

The Principle of operation of the monitor scales analyzers

Thanks to the bioelectric impedance at body composition analyzer information about individual user data is received. Once You stand on the floor scales, through the whole body are painless electrical impulses currents. It is the water in the muscle tissue that is the conductor of the current. In the fatty tissues of water is not enough, so they do not conduct current. Comparing these data, the fat level is calculated.

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