Salt baths for weight loss and cellulite at home, reviews

Salt baths for weight lossHow nice after a working day at home soak in the bath with sea salt, especially realizing that this procedure is also very useful for the body – salt bath gives the skin elasticity, strengthens nails and relieves us from chronic fatigue, calms the nerves and strengthens the immune system.

Salt baths are pleasant, combined with relaxing music and aroma oils is a great remover stress. Already only after this can be sing "o sole bath", instead of "o sole mio".

Course of salt baths, besides a fine tool for weight loss. Salt "vyprovazhivaet" from our body excess water, stimulating blood flow to the skin, which is cleared of toxins, filled with nutrients. Under the action of salt in the body accelerates metabolism. These qualities of salt baths make fight against cellulite and body fat is most effective.

For salt baths at home it is advisable to use natural sea salt, sold in ordinary pharmacies. Salt happens with different mineral fillers (iodine-bromine, hydrogen sulfide, bischofite, selenium) and natural plant extracts, such as aloe, nettle, seaweed, pine buds, oats, chamomile, sage, eucalyptus, providing additional beneficial effects on the body.

In The absence of sea salt or a pharmacy nearby ordinary salt will do.

Sea salt, in addition to sodium chloride, contains:

  • potassium – along with sodium, it helps to cleanse the cells of decay products;
  • bromine – has a beneficial effect on the skin and calms the nervous system;
  • iodine – enhances metabolic processes in the body, removes cholesterol;
  • magnesium – activates cell exchange.

Take a salt bath for weight loss and against cellulite

Body Scrubbing. Before taking a bath, clean your skin with a salt soap or scrub and rinse in the shower.

Amount of salt. The optimal amount of salt is indicated on the pack, it is about 0.5 kg per bath, a smaller amount will not give the desired effect, and too high a concentration of salt in the water can dry the skin and cause flaking, especially if your skin is sensitive or prone to irritation.

Water Temperature. 35 to 37' C, the temperature bath slimming, although it is possible to take and more cool, with temperatures ranging from 20' to 30'. It is important that the water temperature is comfortable for you. Note that hot baths relax and cool – tone.

Add flavor. At the same time with a pleasant procedure for weight loss (salt bath), you can spend a session of aromatherapy, adding a few drops of essential oil in the salt, and after a few minutes pouring the mixture into the bath. If you add salt and oil to the water immediately after mixing, the oil can form on the water film.

Essential oils "lemon", "orange", "grapefruit" will enhance the effect of the salt bath, while you enjoy your favorite citrus aroma.

The duration of the bath for weight loss. The duration of the salt bath can range from 10 to 20 minutes, no longer necessary. Remember that all is well in moderation. It is recommended to take a bath every other day or after 2 days, the course is 10-15 procedures, after which it is necessary to do break.

Several important points. It is forbidden to take a bath in a state of alcoholic intoxication (even very light!), as well as at elevated body temperature. Do not take salt baths immediately after eating (should take at least 1-2 hours). And another important point: the heart area during the salt bath should be above the water.

After bath. After the procedure, RUB the body with a towel and preferably half an hour to lie under a blanket. You can enjoy herbal or green tea sugar-free both during salt bath and after.

Another option: salt bath for weight loss with soda

150-300 gr. salt (can be ordinary cook), 125-200 gr. add baking soda to the bath. The procedure takes 10 minutes.

How often can you take salt baths?

If there are no contraindications, a bath with bath salts can be taken two to three times a week fifteen-twenty minutes in day

Even if you are healthy, do not have skin, gynecological, cardiovascular diseases, and varicose veins also does not bother you, it is still better to consult a doctor before the procedure. If you have the above-mentioned diseases, a doctor's consultation is required.
Salt baths are contraindicated in pregnancy.

So, in the absence of health problems, start a "ruthless struggle" with excess weight with the help of salt baths. After completing the course (for the greatest effect, combine with exercise and diet) you will get a tangible result: the loss of a few pounds, a healthy body, and you – cheerful, fresh and bright as the sun, which is sung in the Neapolitan song "O sole mio".

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