Salad "Red and white"

is Preparing to literally "whip up". For two portions you need 250-300 g of cooked beets, 40-50 grams of cheese "Fetaksa" (or similar ), one boiled egg.

Take two transparent glasses. RUB the beets on a coarse grater, carefully RUB with cheese (to taste, you can add garlic, pepper, salt), gently spread in cups. Then on a fine grater grate the eggs, spread on the beets (you can decorate the top of greens or olives).

Put white yogurt on your portion (you can with a drop of lemon juice or soy sauce ), put mayonnaise on the portion of guests – elegant, quite festive, low-calorie and delicious salad ready.

Salad "Red and white"

Author: Julia 44

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