Salad diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

salad dietRejuvenating salad diet – the best remedy for vitamin deficiency, suitable for those who love vegetables and fruits.

As the name implies – eat vegetable and fruit salads. Vegetables and fruits for salad take any, except potatoes, raw.

Undesirable use for preparations salads: bananas, grapes, melons. Potatoes are forbidden.

Season salads can be lemon juice or orange, low-fat kefir or yogurt (without sugar), olive oil.

Option one: salad fasting day

Once a week you can arrange a rejuvenating fasting day:

5 times a day, eat 250-300 g of salad of raw vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs in any combination, without salt. You can season the salad with low-fat sour cream, kefir or vegetable oil.

Drink during the day: low-fat kefir (up to 1 liter), green or herbal tea without sugar, can be with lemon in any amount.

Fasting day on salads can be arranged for those who want to maintain their weight normal, as well as obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes with obesity, liver disease and nephritis.

Salad diet

Designed salad diet for 14 days. During this time, you can lose 7 kg.

Salad diet. Diet first of the week

30 minutes before Breakfast drink a glass of water with lemon without sugar, add lemon to taste.

Breakfast: fruit salad of unsweetened fruits (green apples, pears, citrus, kiwi), season natural yogurt or 1% kefir.

Lunch, dinner: salad from any vegetables, except potatoes, without of salt, ' re dressing olive oils or lemon juice.

During the day you can drink a liter of yogurt 1%. In any quantity green tea and water with lemon, preferably half an hour before meals or between meals.
Portions of salad – medium.

Salad diet. Second week menu

In Addition to the menu of the first week – at lunch we eat 100 grams of lean meat without salt.

Vitamin salad diet will help and lose weight, and get prettier (improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails).

Salad diet Option is cucumber diet.

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