Salad Brush (Panicle) for weight loss and bowel cleansing, recipes, reviews

Despite the peculiar name, salad Brush or as it is called, salad Panicle for weight loss and bowel cleansing is really very useful. Fortunately, in addition to the original recipe with raw beets and a seven-day diet on one salad, there are many options for its preparation and use. You can improve intestinal microflora, get rid of constipation, eliminate swelling, and even improve the complexion with this product. Invented the salad cleansing Brush American naturopaths of the early 20th century, according to legend, to the creation of this dish had a hand in Paul Bragg. Other sources call the authors of the Swiss doctor Birher-Benner, and even propagandist separate food Herbert Shelton. However, the salad could invent and any owner that was too lazy to cook beets.


Than can be useful salad Brush for slimming?
Salad recipes Brush (Panicle)
Diet on salad Panicle
Salad brush for weight loss: reviews of those who have tried

What can be useful salad Brush for slimming?

First of all, all salad Brush recipes are pretty low calorie.

  • Vegetables seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil are rarely "pulled" by more than 50 kcal per 100 g of product.
  • Well and fruit versions contain slightly more carbohydrates, and it can be 20 calories heavier.

You should Agree, compared with classic side dishes from potatoes or porridge, all of this – clear cutting small beer. Cleansing Panicle helps not only to clean the intestines and gain vitamins, but also to "save calories", as well as to diversify the diet.

Very good salad Brush in the composition of the diets type "Kremlin" or "paleo". If you eat quite a lot of protein foods, and avoid complex carbohydrates in the form of coarse cereals, digestion can be disturbed. To beat constipation without drugs will help "Brush" for the intestines.

But to burn fat, excrete excess fat and carbohydrates, and help to expend calories in the process of eating lunch, this salad can not. However, deprived of such abilities and all other known to mankind foods.

Salad Brush Recipes (Panicle)

Classic salad Brush
Grate 400 g of red beets, carrots, green apples, season with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

raw Salad
200 g red beets, 400 g white cabbage, lemon juice, 200 g carrots, half a glass of pine nuts.
Grate beets and carrots, cabbage to chop onions, pine nuts along with lemon juice process in a blender. The resulting gruel season salad, you can also add 1-2 apples and some greens.

Salad Brush with celery for a low-carb diet
500 g of stem celery, 500 g of fresh cucumbers, any vegetable greens, lemon juice (about 2/3 Cup), 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Stalk celery grate, the extra "fiber" just throw, mix the green mass with the grated cucumber, season with chopped herbs, lemon juice, oil.

"Panicle" with celery and Apple
200 g of root celery, preferably fresh, not "from winter", 500 g of red beet, 600 g of green apples, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of olive oil.
Clean celery root, peeled and grated with apples and beets. Fill lemon juice and butter. "Adherents" of health techniques are often advised to eat beets "as is", with the skin, just thoroughly washing it with a hard brush. And, of course, do not peel apples.

Fruit salad Panicle
1 large grapefruit, half a Cup of pomegranate seeds, half a Cup of prunes, half a Cup of dried apricots.
From the seeds squeezed juice, dried fruits soaked. Grapefruit clean, take out the pulp and "disassemble" it into small pieces with your hands. Soaked dried fruits are cut into small pieces, mix with grapefruit and pour pomegranate juice.

Fruit Brush with bran
1 Apple, 1 orange, 2 kiwis, 1 tablespoon oatmeal powder bran, low-fat yogurt or yogurt – 4 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon of honey or fructose (optional).
Apple tinder on a grater, other fruits cut bran, pour kefir or yogurt and leave for a few minutes. Then mix kefir with bran and honey, and seasoned with a mixture of fruits.

Diet on salad Panicle

As you can see, salads with this name a great many. The same applies to diets on the salad – someone advises for weight loss to sit on the "brush" 7-10 days, someone arranges 1-2 fasting days a week with the remaining days of a balanced low-calorie diet. The main thing here is not to fall into extremes.

And still for slimming with Brushing often use protein-carbohydrate alternation. In this mode 7-14 days sitting on the following diet:

  • 1 day protein – 1 kg chicken fillet, white fish, 500-700 g lean beef, 5 receptions, choose one type of product, or alternate, but so as not to eat more than 1 kg of food per day;
  • 1 day on the salad-the brush, take any recipes, but fruit – no more than 1 time a day, similar to 5 meals, and 1.5 kg of salad per day.

For example, Elena Malysheva recommended such a diet in the "health" program. Read more: salad Brush from Elena Malysheva for weight loss

This diet does not slow down metabolism as much as monodieta salad, but it can be dangerous for the kidneys, intestines and liver, especially if there is a violation in the work of these organs.

Anyway, you can just eat salad Brush instead of first Breakfast or second dinner, and enjoy a light weight loss. In combination with a low-calorie diet and exercise system, this simple measure will speed up the process of weight loss and avoid "vitamin hunger". The only moment is not it is necessary to overeat "Brushes", it can end with diarrhea and painful sensations in the intestine. After all, gastroenterologists recommend eating no more than 500 g of fresh fruit and as many vegetables a day, and do not forget, for example, vegetable soups and stews.

salad Brush is contraindicated:

  • with flatulence, a tendency to diarrhea, immediately after a course of antibiotics, while you have not drunk a recovery course of prebiotics;
  • when gastritis with high acidity, ulcerative diseases;
  • in diseases of the gallbladder, pancreas;
  • fruit salads and "brush with beets" are contraindicated for diabetics.

Naturally, the mono-diet on the salad, when in for 1 week and used in day 1-1, 5 kg of lettuce and nothing else, are contraindicated in eating disorders. You can not use a Panicle and those who are actively involved in sports, or just have a very moving work.
Salad Brush (Panicle) for weight loss

Salad brush for weight loss: the reviews of those who tried

Karina, 45 years. Great salad! I'm still on my mom's similar recipe learned. When she left home to study at the University, stomach problems began, due to improper and irregular nutrition. Yes and the problems began. I felt terrible. Before dinner to eat this "Brush"! Currently preparing the panicle of raw beets, carrots, cabbage and pumpkin added (when the season was). Seasoned with unrefined sunflower or olive oil. Stomach problems gradually resolved, as I, in General, revised its diet, and began to take more of this salad as a snack for lunch.

Tatiana, 28 years. I live not very thick, but there's a floating 5 pounds, which I get periodically, and after a time they to me anyway return. Try to go on diets, sometimes sports bring myself up, but for how long I do not have as soon as shed their extra pounds, back to his normal life and the pounds come back. I love sweets, without buns and cakes life just can not imagine. Now I try to eat them in the morning, and for dinner necessarily panicle salad in different versions, sometimes with a piece of chicken or fish, and sometimes just like that, depending on the feeling of hunger. What I liked it-the work of the intestine was adjusted, now everything works like clockwork, and without diets the weight is kept and does not creep up.

Elena Selivanova – especially for

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