Russian girl found another way to be happy without losing weight

Despite its weight of 93 kg blogger Stanislav Podolyak promotes not dieting and workouts in the gym, and acceptance of oneself and love of your body, even if it is far from ideal.

This girl became the first Russian woman to be known for her images without processing and retouching, with all the flaws - cellulite, folds and stretch marks. Now its Instagram has almost 200 thousand subscribers!

The Secret of attraction

Stasia argues, that industry and weight women not have absolutely no meaning: if she feels beautiful, then and in the eyes of others will find her attractive. She advises the girls, first of all, to love and accept yourself with all faults, and then love life will improve by itself, as lovers, Boyfriends and husbands is a reflection of the women themselves.

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Faithful to its tenets blogger proves by his own example. Stanislava is happily married and has thousands of fans in social networks who admire her curvaceous. At the same time, the girl categorically refuses to use photoshop, retouching and color correction for her photos.

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It is Noteworthy that just a couple of years ago Stanislava took part in the popular marathon "Mad drying" and wanted to lose weight. It helped her to lose 12 kg, but at some point the girl stopped and asked myself: "Why do I need it?". The answer was simple - to become slim and like all, that is, to adjust itself to the standards of beauty. After realizing this, the desire to lose weight the girl was gone.

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Stanislav is called a propagandist of "bodipositiv", a feminist and even a model of the category "plus-site". However, the girl herself does not accept any labels and just does that, what she likes. What do you think about the photos of Stasi and her life position?

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