Russia ranks fifth in the world in obesity

Russia ranks fifth in the world in obesityBritish economists from the School of Business (Harvard) recently made a ranking of States on the overall quality of life, which revealed that Russia ranks 80th, as well as fifth in the world in the number of fat people. 25 percent of Russian citizens have problems with overweight. Everyone knows that extra pounds not only cause moral discomfort to their owner, but also significantly increase the risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes or stroke's.

According to who, the number of people diagnosed with obesity has almost doubled in the last few decades. Research by Harvard economists has also made it clear that all States with high GDP and scientific and technological progress, as a rule, do not have an adequate level of health in the population. For example, the UK, like Russia, also has similar problems.

It is Worth noting that the leaders of the list of British economists are New Zealand, Switzerland and Iceland. These countries are recognized as "beautiful places on Earth".

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