Rules of personal and household hygiene: what everyone needs to know

The Rules of personal and household hygiene are quite simple, but sometimes we still do something wrong. And some people do believe that kind of advice is boring and unnecessary, and because they determine our health.

Having Learned such basic rules of household and personal hygiene, you will no longer worry that you and your family are in danger!

Simple rules of personal and household hygiene

Some people, as they say, are obsessed with cleanliness, while others are sure that you can eat unwashed vegetables (especially from your own garden!). If you dig deeper, it turns out that we all have different standards of hygiene. We have collected a few rules that will be useful even the most clean!

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1. When sneezing, cover your mouth with a handkerchief, not your palm. Most of us cover our mouths with the palm of our hands, thus helping the microbes inside to be transported to the skin of the face. As a result, there are redness, rash and other "charms". It is best to cover your mouth with a disposable paper handkerchief, and if at the right time it does not, use the crook of the elbow.

2. Don't give your soap to anyone. it is believed that the soap is able to clean itself. Alas, this is not so. After each use, it is covered by various microorganisms, including serious viruses. Even if it is antibacterial soap, it is still not such an effective destroyer of microorganisms as, for example, alcohol. Despite all of the above, experts believe that to share soap with partner is not so dangerous, because your bodies have managed to adapt to the "bacterial microflora" of each other.

Note! ☝ If people avoid communication with you, then it may not be in your stern look, but in the murderous smell from the mouth. However, do not despair, because there is 5 ways to eliminate bad breath! ?

3. Even bananas should be washed. Many people believe bananas are washed it is not necessary, because we peel and so clean. However, it may contain parasites or their larvae, which are able to penetrate the fruit in the process of skinning. Most often it vlasoglavy that provoke trichocephalosis. Therefore, bananas should always be washed with soap.

Please note! ☝ In the digestive system is constantly unfolding a real battle – about 1000 species of beneficial microorganisms and harmful bacteria are fighting among themselves. Necessarily eat products with probiotics ? because they suppress harmful bacteria. ?

4. Wash dishes immediately. Often we wash the dishes immediately, but we soaked it in the sink. "Excellent" solution, as the wet environment promotes the reproduction of bacteria. Sometimes on top of the dishes we still wash the fish before cooking or chicken, but in raw form, these products can contain a range of parasites. Wash fish or meat better in empty the sink, and then rinse it thoroughly with a sponge.

5. Flush the toilet with the lid closed. Many people are used to flush the toilet with the lid open, but it is unlikely that you will want to do so after you learn some of the nuances. The fact is that in the process of washing the spray from the tank can get on the floor, towels and other things in the bathroom. Particles of the washing away mass can scatter in a radius of 1.5 meters, thereby transferring bacteria or vermin.

Of Course, someone thinks these rules are boring, but this matter of habit. And this is the minimum level of hygiene, which should definitely teach your children!

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