Rolls and their caloric content: how many calories are contained in "Philadelphia", what is the caloric content of rolls with salmon – calorie table of the most popular rolls

Rolls are rolls with fish filling, rice and pressed seaweed. Low calorie dishes – one of the factors of widespread love for traditional Japanese cuisine. But how many calories in one such dish, for example, in Philadelphia rolls? Let's talk about the ingredients and the energy value of the product.

How Many calories are in rolls?

Cooked according to the Japanese recipe rolls are low in calories. But depending on the ingredients increases and energy value Japanese dishes – so, fatty fish and cheese – quite fatty foods. Rolls with vegetables and crab fillets have the lowest caloric content. Also, do not forget about rice – despite the apparent dryness, the grains are soaked in vinegar and soy sauce, which gives them additional energy value.

If we consider less high-calorie rolls, we should pay attention to the diet of Chinese or Korean cuisine, for example, "California" or "Alaska".

W in General, it is possible to consider rolls as low-calorie and even useful food. Nutritionists recommend Japanese cuisine as the best option for weight loss. Seafood enriches the digestive system with a whole group of vitamins and amino acids.

Interesting fact! Fish and rice create a unique combination of nutrients that prevent the destruction of human body tissues. Improved metabolism helps to reduce the rate of aging. This is evidenced by examples East of centenarians.

What is the caloric content of Philadelphia rolls?

Let's Consider the energy value on a concrete example – let's take the classical "Philadelphia"as a basis.

Ingredients List:

  1. Compressed algae (nori) – enrich our body with vitamins A and C, carbohydrates and minerals. Nori help to get rid of varicose veins. Sea plants enhance the immune system and lower cholesterol.
  2. Rice – includes vitamins E, PP and B, trace elements and minerals.   It is white grains that are responsible for neutralizing toxins in the body due to coarse fibers.
  3. Salmon – contains groups of vitamins B12, D and E. Fish delicacy enriches our body with omega-fats and useful amino acids.
  4. Philadelphia (cheese) – rich in vitamin complex A, B, E, K, PP, minerals and macronutrients. Cheese contributes to better digestibility of food, in particular, fatty fish.

The calorie content of the rolls, "Philadelphia", the Japanese sample serving is 142 calories per 100 grams.

Nutritional value presented: protein – 9,7 g, fats – 6.7 g and carbohydrate – 10,8 g.

What is the caloric content of salmon rolls?

If you have time and you decide to cook homemade rolls, do not be surprised that the caloric content of homemade rolls will be more than the traditional Japanese dish. It's all about the recipe and ingredients used.

When counting calories should be guided by the following data:

  • · Rice – 332 Kcal per 100 g;
  • · Salmon – 195 Kcal per 100 g;
  • · Vinegar – 11 Kcal per 100 ml;
  • · Soy sauce – 68 Kcal per 100 g;
  • · Wasabi – 57 Kcal per 100 g.

When adding salt or pickled ginger, their caloric content should be taken into account. Thus, 100 grams of ginger contains about 15 kilocalories.

When the calculations can face a situation when the manufacturer indicates is not the calories per serving, and the whole dish. At the same time, rice with salmon is much less caloric than a similar portion with tuna. If you stuff the rolls with shrimp, avocado or cucumber, the average calorie value will be approximately 100 Kcal per 1 roll (6 pieces)

Approximate nutritional value of a classic salmon product:

Calories – 169 kcal, protein 6 grams, fat 4 grams, carbohydrates 28 grams.

Calorie popular table rolls

Product Caloric Content, Kcal Proteins, gr. Fats, gr. Carbohydrates, gr.
Roll Unagi 173 5.3 8.3 19.2
Roll California 176 7 8.8 17.2
Roll Avocado 105 2 1.3 21.2
Roll Philadelphia 142 9.7 6,7 10.8
Roll Chidori 163 8.5 8 14.3
Roll Syake Unagi Maki 150 8.5 7.1 13.1
Roll Alaska 90 4.2 2.7 12.2
Roll Kyoto 155 8.4 6.3 16
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